Serial killer shares his daily routine
The dude is unrepentant for murdering at least 7 people. Kidnapped molested and tortured children. Says society needs to be nice to paedophiles. Not sure how he gets his material past prison censors and published by his girlfriend.

"usually masturbate at least once a day, and frequently two or even three times a day still, which I am very happy and almost proud to announce at my age (57, last I checked). I believe it is good for my body, mind, and soul. I still like to imagine having s*x with ch*ldr*n, even rape and such, but more often than not I just like the fantasy of being with my beautiful young soulmate (and fiancèe) and satisfying her, on all the levels and in all the ways one might satisfy the person they care more about in life than anyone else."
Dry Heave
The fact that we pay to feed and house people like this is proof our society is fucked. The bleeding hearts have ruined everything.
Amen to that! Motherfucker should be taken out behind the barn and never seen again.
Another creepster wesley dodd hanged in walla walla back in 1993 left his personal diary of day to day predator activities on kids. Its sick but provides good insight and what to look for if you have young children to protect. Still cant even fathom how these guys get off on hurting innocent people , so bizarre cuz they didnt really suffer much abuse themselves as kids just what i would call normal curiosity .
Mr. Mike is the poster of the full transcript!topi...5N3gtHREjk

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