Kanye West Goes Nuts... Still More Coherent Than Biden
ROFL, ain't it the truth?!

The entire thing is a giant scam. The Democrats WANT Trump to win, that's why they picked that brain dead old fucker to run against him. They are waiting for the 2024 election when they will likely run that Buttplug dude.
I found another group of supposed anti-Trump conservatives who want Biden to win. They appear to be unrelated to that group led by William Krystol that I posted about before.

They claim Biden is a true conservative and more mentally stable than Trump. Apparently they believe neocons are real conservatives.

(10-16-2019, 02:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you say no, it's gayer than saying yes.
The "anti-Trump conservatives" thing is an ABSOLUTE propaganda/psy-op creation... it is not real.

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