Is this the end of the road for Patreon? #DefundTheLeft
First, a judge ruled that Patreon must pay the legal fees of Owen Benjamin fans who are suing them.

Now, Lauren Southern and Sargon of Akkad are urging their fans to join the fray. The combined legal fees of all of their fans could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.

This could bankrupt Patreon, and wipe out the income of leftist content creators who depend entirely on Patreon for monetization. Smart conservative creators bailed on Patreon early and found alternate means of fan support, such as SubscribeStar.

Defund the police? No, my friend. #DefundTheLeft! Cheer

(10-16-2019, 02:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you say no, it's gayer than saying yes.
The thumbnail on that video looks like the guy has his tongue poking out like a lizard?

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