Massive explosion in Beirut within the last hour, looks like a nuclear blast

It actually happened about 2 hours ago. The Sun is live streaming from the ground.

The reporters in the DW video think it happened in a fireworks factory or storage facility.


I'm no expert but I'm gonna have a real hard time believing that shit
was anything less than some military-grade hardware going off.

Fireworks.... lmao, cute, real cute.
There are going to be consequences.

Notice how they're "not sure" about the source yet...


It's because once they declare the source, it's fucking war.

Fireworks factory explosion?

Hahaha, yeah right.
And that "hahaha" ain't cuz it's funny.

There are a lot of people dead from this.
Tactical nuke?

Some witnesses say they saw a missile strike.

Some say there's clearly a "trail" visible on some footage.
If it was a nuke, the people filming from their balcony would've been incinerated by the heat wave. It was a very powerful military or industrial explosive at the least.

Okay, thanks Dev.

A closer view from a different angle:

They were speculating that the different colored clouds were from fireworks.

Someone may have planted a bomb in a fireworks storage room to make the blast stronger.

More footage of the aftermath at ground level:

(08-04-2020, 02:46 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: There are going to be consequences.

I was reading the Lebanon reddit and it was mentioned that the borders are
already closed due to covid-19 and now this will shut the ports down effectively 
cutting them off from ALL trade from the outside world. Pretty fucked up.
Not a lot of mask-wearing in that last video.
Bigger fish to fry, obviously.

Look at those fucking cars! Just mangled and flipped upside-down
onto the side-rails of that bridge/roadway like Hot Wheels!! : (
Maybe they smuggled the bomb in a shipping container full of fireworks, and it detonated when customs opened it for inspection.

They're lucky this wasn't like the Texas City disaster, where one exploding ship caused a lot of other ships and refineries near the water to blow up.

Quote:"The wave is too big for it to be considered a normal bomb. It shook windows in Cyprus."

One of the YT comments from the last video.
And just so ya know, Beirut - Cyprus is 145 miles.

One-hundred and forty-five MILES. MIIIIIIILES.

Holy shit man.
Quote:Head of LAU Hospital is calling for evacuation of #Beirut due to the hazardous materials in the air from explosion. #Lebanon

Quote:#Lebanon’s Health Minister telling those who can leave #Beirut should, that the remnants of the explosion can have long term deadly effects. A reminder this is in the midst of a total economic collapse when over half of Lebanese are below the poverty line.
Not to mention over water. But sound carries over water really well so that might have been
part of why it was felt so far. Energy waves traveling over water.

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