Millie Weaver was arrested before she could post this video...
... but that didn't stop it from being posted.

In this film, whistleblowers explain how the deep state and their private contractors use personal data, surveillance, and predictive AI to create false narratives, blackmail politicians, taint jury pools, incite riots, and manipulate elections.

The video is already fucking gone.

What they've done here is unbelievable.

And to anybody saying it was a hoax for attention or to drive traffic to that film?

Pft. Fuck y'all! Millie got hauled away, ALONG WITH HER HUSBAND, IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN who were crying and freaking THE FUCK OUT.

NO even SEMI decent mother would EVER do that to their kids on purpose.

Millicent Weaver and her husband Gavin Wince are IN JAIL in Portage County Ohio, look it up...

That ain't fake.

They are scrubbing everything to do with it off of YouTube...

Don't be surprised if they pull a "New Zealand" on Shadowgate and make it illegal to even have...

I can't even search for Shadowgate on BitChute because their search function is a sorry piece of shit, and don't tell me they can't do any better.

It ain't even on Banned.Video as far as I can tell...

Found it on BitChute...

Have I watched the video?

No, I gotta be honest, I haven't watched it.

I don't exactly have a history of finding Millie Weaver to be tolerable, LMAO!


I did begin to warm up to her slightly after she showed some progress...


This situation ain't even right y'all.
(02-04-2017, 01:08 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: How weird is it that they have her in the studio and her debut in this year and this current paradigm is all "fighty"?? And she "wanted to work for InfoWars for 5 or 6 years"... ummm, I'd be suspicious. Where is Alex's super paranoia at when it actually fucking counts??

Suspicious as fuck of Millie.


I dunno...

I'm just sayin'.

Maybe that's why the full Shadowgate vid is not on Banned.Video.

Maybe Alex is suspicious that Millie was AT THE LEAST used as an attempted takedown of his operation...

If not a full on agent in general.

I mean. I don't REALLY think that. Regardless, these are thoughts I had in the past, and now? They sort of make me raise an eyebrow.
(03-10-2017, 01:24 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: And when all the other chicks get tired of Millie being there and LEAVE, and then Millie doesn't even wanna be there anymore?!?! Come on Alex. COME ONNNNNNN.

I'm digressing pretty hard here, but...

It did happen, since I made that post in 2017...


All the chicks left.

I'm just saying.
It never ceases to amaze me how I'm basically always right...

The writing's on the wall though, I guess it doesn't take a clairvoyant rocket scientist to see these things.

I think 90% of the problem is that people just don't speak out.

9:50 so apparently Millie's brother Charles is in jail too.

It's true...

Here he is:

They got them all on the same day.

This is absolutely insane.

Apparently their gateway to even have HALF of an excuse to do this was because Millie's estranged mother came to visit (suspicious much?)...

She was "concerned" because her daughter had sensitive documents, so she started TAKING PICTURES OF THOSE DOCUMENTS IN ORDER TO GO THE POLICE WITH THEM. AGAINST HER OWN DAUGHTER.

So they took the mom's phone and smashed it and bought her a new one.

But her mom dropped charges afterward.

Doesn't matter apparently... they used it to arrest them all.

Her brother though???

How the fuck is he involved here?? Were they all there at the time or something?? They shouldn't even conceivably have anything against him.

It makes no sense man.

Unless there's some crazy redneck drama in Millie's family that they aren't being straight about...

I mean of course there's more to the story.

But the estranged mom just shows up and starts taking pics of documents? Really? What kinda situation was the mom in that she was used as a tool like that? Did they get to her?

Alex says Millie attended an event in the company of some ACTUAL agents...

He sounded pretty weirded out about it, he talks about it all in that video.
Not even to mention how they're trying to take her kids away from her with CPS...

There is NOTHINGGG in that home that suggests those kids are in ANY danger, I GUARANTEE IT.

You could probably eat off the fucking floors in that house, there's NO WAY they have ANY proof to justify ANY of this.

Kids get abused like hell in CPS. They even abduct children, the rate of disappearance is ALARMING, look it up.
This is BAD.
It sets an extremely dangerous precedent and ALL Americans should be VERY concerned about what happens here.

They got out and the kids will be able to go home with them...

They purposely got them on a Friday so they knew they'd have to stay until Monday.

On some BOGUS shit.

Can't wait to hear what she has to say about this, but dunno if she really can say all that much.

Who knows.

Fucking insane.
Here it is on Mike Adams' video site:
I downloaded Shadowgate so I can upload it to Bitchute if need be. I knew it would get taken down again.

The whistleblowers do most of the talking in the video, so don't let your annoyance at Millie stop you from watching. They're former contractors who had access to sensitive data, similar to Edward Snowden. They seem pretty credible. The deep state uses them to perform operations that government agents can't legally perform. Several of the private intelligence companies mentioned are owned by U.S. military generals.
Now you know the Portage County Sheriff's Department didn't dream up this caper on their own. There are Federal goons behind it.
I had to bail out of that Bitchute upload. Not only is their upload server incredibly slow, it slows down everything else on your system to a grinding halt.
So the arrests apparently stemmed from an altercation between Millie and her mom that happened in April.

The mother was snooping around Millie's workspace in her home, recording documents with her cellphone. Millie (or her brother or boyfriend) caught her snooping and took the cellphone away from her, possibly damaging it in the process.

Millie's mom called the police on her own children and charged them with burglary. Since the legal definition of burglary is entering a place with the intent of stealing something, apparently Millie was charged with committing burglary in her own home.


The mother dropped the charges. With no victim or witness to cooperate in the investigation, it should've ended there. Instead, the sheriff's department waited until the day Shadowgate was to be released to execute the arrest warrant.

The arresting officers didn't have the warrant on them when they arrested Millie and her brother and boyfriend.

The electricity to Millie's home was cut off in the middle of the upload. But Millie was no fool. She had given copies to other people to upload in case something happened to her.

The mother would later go on Twitter to express outrage at her family members being arrested over a $50 phone. Never mind that she was the stinking pinko California communist piece of shit who called the cops on her own children over a $50 phone in the first place.

First of all, theft of $50 is not a felony in any jurisdiction I know of.

Secondly, no one seems to have been harmed or injured in the altercation, as the arrest warrant alleged. So the mother outright lied to the cops about that.

Here's what I think happened.

They were arrested on a Friday afternoon because the deep state wanted them out of the way for the weekend so the FBI could illegally enter Millie's home and snoop around. Ironically, the way this all played out was described exactly in the Shadowgate documentary. It's the same thing they did to Roger Stone.

Sadly, a corrupt judge and prosecutor with a tainted jury pool may actually be able to get a conviction, even without a corroborating victim or witness.

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