This is one of the ladies I want to be when I grow up...

The thumbnail is a pic of her from a long time ago...

How does she look even more amazing now that she's older?

One of those rare people...

She inspires the shit out of me!

2:40 she's just unspeakably gorgeous.

3:33 pic slideshow.

Seems like she just stopped aging entirely at 45.

Those eyeballs though...

The thumb with her and the dark hair doesn't even look like her.
Not really. I guess maybe her face was a little fuller.
Blonde hair totally agrees with her though.
I can relate to her hair progression.

I absofuckinglutely will be wearing my hair in the current Melissa style.
I am not dyeing it blonde though...

My hair is light enough to use utilize lemon juice and sunlight, etc.
5:30 gurl, SAAAAAAAAAME.

Except for, not the FBI. Lmao.
"25 Things..." video. Wow, she looks & sounds like one of those super glamorous
country music legends. Real classy country-girl-next-door.

My mom married at 17, had two kids and divorced. [Aries moon]
My favorite color is Black!! *Wo0t*
Re: the favorite color, I thought that was interesting, I wouldn't have figured.

Black as a favorite color seems really peaceful.

That's one place Paris Hilton and I disagree...

She dislikes black/wearing black and says it's boring.

I may have to gay marry Melissa instead...

Black is my favorite everything! [Except jeans. They still gotta be Blue!]
I mean, I'll wear t-shirts that aren't black. But I won't sweet talk 'em.
Black t-shirts are the Frick to my Frack.

It's a love affair. Me and my Fruit of the Looms. Tagless of course, I'm no monster.
(10-18-2020, 05:18 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I may have to gay marry Melissa instead...


Can I be Flower Gimp??? *begging*
This is the lady MO will actually be when she grows up.

Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
God dang what a great video.
Yeah, she's cool as fuck. I subscribed after watching one video. I'm on like my fifth video of hers now. LOL
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
Is this bitch about to make me cry?

Agh, my God.





Group Hug
She's pretty hot for a 42-year-old self-professed wall hitter. nanarub
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
Uh...more of these type ladies please
(10-18-2020, 08:26 PM)Devastatia Wrote: She's pretty hot for a 42-year-old self-professed wall hitter. nanarub

She looks 35 or so... pretty face, sleek hair, nice thin body. Looks good.

(10-18-2020, 08:34 PM)Guest Wrote: Uh...more of these type ladies please

I meeean, I was expecting not to like what I saw, but I liked what I saw.

You know what...

Here's what I think.

I think the reason all of this has worked so well for Melissa is because she BELIEVES IN IT.

For real.

I think if you rubbed tiger sperm on yourself every single day and BELIEVED it would WORK...

Then it absolutely fucking would in exactly the same way as everything Melissa's done has worked.

I truly believe this.

And as one wise man wrote in the comments of one of Melissa's videos...

The good ageing is most likely attributed to minimal sun damage more than anything else.

The only places I've ever been sunburned (apart from my face maybe a couple times slightly in the long distant past) is on my chest and my back. I was never exposed to the sun as a youth and have only ever gotten sun on my chest unintentionally, before I realized how bad that was and made sure it never happens again.

I think that sun damage is the main reason for ageing badly, but genetics of course plays a part, then environmental factors as well as bad food and bad habits.

If I rubbed crushed up lightning bugs all over myself (what kinda sick fuck?!) and BELIEVED it was the fountain of youth, I guarantee it would work.

Bottom line...

Stay out of the sun, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and slather yourself in whatever magic sauce you believe in, cuz that's all there is to it.

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