Nikola run by a conman
[font=lucida_granderegular, "Lucida Grande", Verdana, sans-serif]I can't believe GM decided to invest $2 billion with this flimflam conman.  I would not trust this guy with one cent.  [/font]
[font=lucida_granderegular, "Lucida Grande", Verdana, sans-serif]Trevor Milton quit Utah Valley State College after one semester, then started an alarm sales company called St. George Security and Alarm and eventually exited the business for a stated $300,000, though his former business partner claims he was led to believe the exit payment was "much smaller." [/font]
[font=lucida_granderegular, "Lucida Grande", Verdana, sans-serif]Milton then launched an online classified ads website selling used cars, which eventually failed and was then followed by Trevor’s first alternative energy vehicles company called dHybrid, which landed a truck-conversion deal with Swift, leading to a mid-2012 lawsuit predicated on dHybrid's failure to deliver on its agreement.   [font=lucida_granderegular, "Lucida Grande", Verdana, sans-serif][/font]  [/font]

[font=lucida_granderegular, "Lucida Grande", Verdana, sans-serif]too bad we will have to live with [/font]Elon musk  for quite a while as   he is backed by   us government mafia .  battery day , I got my own ideas for that event
Bruv, I ain't fixing your fucked up HTML this time.

This is what happens when you copy and paste.

Listen, do what I do if you're on a desktop...

Open a plain .txt file, paste the material, then copy from there and paste to your post.

It will take away all the formatting.
It probably won't work on mobile (unless you're using iPhone notes app) because a lot of time they have retarded special font as a default and it will try to copy that format.

At the least get yourself an account so you can edit all the whack formatting out of your post... just a thought.

But if you're gonna be naughty, don't.

The "Quick Reply" form never copies the whack HTML so you can also just start your thread, put a few words in the OP, then reply to the thread using Quick Reply with the rest of your OP.

I hope that makes sense...

Just trying to help.

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