Teya AKA Strange Aeons on YouTube
I've been discussing Teya for a while on various threads...



Today I decided it was time she had her own dedicated thread.

I will post everything that we've discussed about her so far...

"Onision (Greg/UhOhBro/OnisionSpeaks)"


(01-16-2019, 08:37 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Greg also writes books, which are an insight into his psychological state...

This video is fucking hilarious, not even gonna lie, the clips of him screaming had me ROFL...


(07-31-2019, 10:49 AM)Guest Wrote: I watched this video a few months ago. That chick seems to be obsessed with this Onision guy, as she's made several videos about him. What makes her obsession more strange is that she's a lesbian. Like WTF dude, why are you even bothered by what some guy on the interwebz does?

(07-31-2019, 11:39 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It’s because gay people are just traumatized or have some kind of biological/hormonal malfunction which makes them be gay. Deep down inside, they yearn for the opposite sex. Especially lesbians. Greg’s psychotic sociopathic overly confident controlling behaviors make him sexy to women... sorry but it’s true, we like them crazy and dangerous.

There are certain qualities in crazy dudes which cause a cessation in attraction though... it’s a very tight rope to walk and I think Greg has done an amazing job, he’s been utterly insufferable but somehow never lost his attractiveness.

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I believe every word of it. I’d totally have sex with Greg. His most unattractive quality by far is being such a pussy with his wife and letting her do stupid embarrassing shit in front of the world. All it takes is one trusted person telling you that you’re being stupid for you to really stop and think about it. He hasn’t tried hard enough... too accepting and it’s not hot.

(01-03-2020, 02:33 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

1:00 fucking rofl. This chick has such a great sense of humor.

3:41 roflmao. Only she could make that shit funny.

12:38 roflmfaloloilililiollololololo.

16:19 rolfmfaololololol.

18:04 rofl she's so funny and I really like her even though she's an SJW.

20:45 lmfao that's actually a great plot.

23:56 bwhahahahaha roflrofl!!!!!!!!

24:18 "There's an issue here, but that ain't it!" ROFFFFLLLLL. God. This girl is cute.

27:14 bahahahahahahaha.

THIS chick's reviews of Greg's books are the ONLY good part of the fact that Greg has books.

27:40 lmfaooooooooohoooo my God. You know what though, the "soul tail" thing reminds me of the ghost I saw that one time: http://www.sectual.com/thread-8812-post-...d#pid70205

33:16 roflroflrofl.

37:14 laughing so hard right now lmfaomggggggg.

43:01 rofl.

43:35 bahahahahahahaha.

50:02 lmfaoooo TBH that's the most believable part of the story.

51:38 omg lmao.

56:04 oh my God lmaoooooo. What the FUCK.

(01-03-2020, 11:03 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Well in this video she says she's not, so my bad!

I guess I can feel less weird about liking her somewhat!

"YouTube book reviewer spends over 7 hours reviewing the worst book ever written!"


(09-15-2020, 10:39 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Sometimes the reviewers are the only thing that is good about some of these disastrous books, as such was the case with Onision's books reviewed by Strange Aeons...



I know you saw these before and weren't a fan, but I think she has a wonderful sense of humor and she's absolutely adorable, so I really enjoyed watching them.

(09-15-2020, 11:58 AM)Devastatia Wrote: Her reviews of Onision's books have been coming up in my recommendations since I watched KrimsonRogue's Empress Theresa review series. KrimsonRogue also reviewed Onision's books.

I've only watched one of Strange Aeons' videos, and that was awhile ago. I don't remember what made me watch it, as I'd never heard of Onision at the time. So my one-off impression was that she was overly obsessed with him, like an angry ex-girlfriend or something.

(09-15-2020, 12:48 PM)Devastatia Wrote: Yeah, she is very pretty. I'll watch a few more of her (hopefully non-Onision-related) videos to see what she's about.

(09-15-2020, 12:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: A lot of her vids are sorta gay, but not in your typical SJW kinda way... she's not really like that. Mostly what I remember from her channel was the issues she had with her lung collapsing a few times. Poor thing... I hope that never happens to her again.

(09-15-2020, 01:08 PM)Devastatia Wrote: I took a quick look at one of SA's post-nosejob videos and a pre-nosejob video to see what changed. I had never noticed her nose before this. I think the shorter haircut bothers me more. The bangs she had during her "Onion Boy" period were really cute.

(09-15-2020, 02:50 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeah I thought her hair was great before...

In the Onision book review videos, it was perfect.

I love short hair but I will admit when I don't prefer it.

(09-15-2020, 02:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: She's got a baller widow's peak though...


You guys know I have a fetish.

(09-15-2020, 02:58 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: She's still totally fuckin' adorable though for sure.

(09-23-2020, 04:59 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Teya is looking fine as hell in this video...

I guess she needs her own thread at this point but...

Yeah, no.

She has gorgeous skin, the tone is sooo nice and smooth.

She's VERY pretty.

I don't understand gayness though.

Like when I was a teenager I thought I was gay for a year or so but it definitely passed.

This Classically Abby chick, oh man... not vibing with her at all.

If I'm gonna get taught how to be a woman, I wanna hear it from a SEASONED woman.

Like for example oh let me see...

Greta Bereisaite. Now there's a woman whose advice I could take seriously.

Classically Abby might be okay to take pointers from if you're... 12 or something. And super boring.
(09-23-2020, 05:13 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

5:57 "feminine clothing with a masculine twist"... ummm, what?

6:10 exactly... that statement was so WTF.

11:04 I hate it when people say "women" instead of "woman"... like, in writing, that is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. But people who actually SPEAK IT? Agh, I hate it. I hate it.

Dude though...

This Classically Abby chick is sooo fake. She's so fake she's damn near suspicious. I vote that Abby is controlled opposition.

She looks like a wannabe actress who got recruited into the online world, and now she's just babbling on about whatever shit is in the script.

14:14 I agree with Teya, but I don't think she's going "conspiracy theorist" enough here. There's clearly corporate support behind Abby. I'm actually glad Teya brought attention to this... because a lot more of this kind of bullshit is to be expected in the future, especially now that hollywood is officially dead.

I love that she made this video...

I really like her!
Some people aren't gonna like that video, she'll probably get shit for it but I'm glad she made it regardless and hopefully she has the nuts to withstand criticism and do what the fuck she wants.

Teya's looking better than ever!!!

The gods have smiled upon us today with this book review.

I haven't been this genuinely excited about a video in a hot minute!

Here's Trisha's thread: https://www.sectual.com/thread-1967.html

I'm already laughing within the first 3 seconds of this video, no BS!

5:25 fkn lol.

I literally haven't even CLICKED the video, but LOOK at that RIGHTEOUS WIDOW'S PEEEEEEAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




She looks way too tan.
Teya needs to be pale, mkay.
She looks like she might have one of those skin tones that just easily tans and it's like a fuckin' magnet.
That lesbian equestrian book though?

On fucking point.

I knew this horse obsessed Estonian chick who was definitely a lesbian, but it was super weird because she was also totally in love with Michael Landon.

Fuck, now that I think about it...

Back in the day, I was basically a lesbian who was in love with exclusively dead historical figures too.

These days, I'm in love with myself, which kind of makes me a lesbian, but I lust exclusively after unavailable dudes...

Oh the drama of life...

I really like her, she's very funny and so pretty.

15:23 honestly, it's a great look.

I bet this vid will be a hit with her audience, they'll definitely want more.

16:42 roflmfaololol. Yes. Fuck yes.

16:56 seems like Teya just naturally tans even in the Canadian sun in a way that any fakester LA bimbo would fucking die for, lmao. I find it hard to believe Teya would spray tan... like, why. It's gotta be natural. Maybe not though. Who knows.

It is my belief that Teya is a babe. I'm glad she rocked these outfits for us and showed us a different side of her... it's quite enjoyable.

17:27 lmfao @ Amy Lee in her crotch.

20:33 amen to that.

21:04 I love all the flipping off, roflmfaololol.

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