If you don't have one of these, you ain't livin' right...
(09-24-2020, 02:11 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: My daily line-up:

400mg Potassium [w/100mg VitC]
250mg Magnesium 
Vitamin B complex [w/300mg VitC] 
[400mg VitC in total]

Nice, thanks for sharing!

I go hard on the vitamin C then lay off for up to a week sometimes.

I take fish oil, magnesium, and occasionally vitamin D, but with the D it's the same as with the C...

I'll go hard on it for a while and then take a rest.
In the first half of 2020, I took obscene amounts of vitamin C & D every single day.

I think if there was a D deficiency, it's pretty well taken care of at this point.

Vitamin C though, well... gotta have it no matter what.
You can't really get "too much" vitamin C...

But with vitamin D, getting too much can have some pretty unwanted consequences.

You gotta take A LOT for that to happen though.

I haven't had any negative consequences for too much vitamin D, but I believe in listening to your body.

When it tells me it wants some, I give it some.

I megadose vitamin C about one day a week, and I might take a bunch on days I go somewhere too.

But if I'm just staying home, I devote one day to taking a big dose of vitamin C twice, once early in the day and once late in the day.

They say not to take a bunch of vitamin C before you go to bed because supposedly it can make you pee a lot, but I have never had that happen.

I think taking some supplements before bed (like magnesium) is a good idea. Vitamin C falls into that category for me. That way it can go to work repairing the body while I sleep.
I'm probably zombie-level-low on my Vitamin D. [Go YouKay!!]
I rely on tuna, salmon and other foods for that. I know I HAVE TO be low.

My only concern with Vitamin C is kidney stones. So I try to keep it below
500mg daily. Supposedly, men over 30 or 35 only need 100 - 200mg daily, sooo. *crosses fingers*
That's the main reason I take it easy on vitamin D these days... risk of kidney stones. Didn't know vitamin C has the same risk! I think I'm safe at my current dosing schedule.
Another one of life's total necessities...

Portable Charger (USB Battery Bank)

I should say what each link is just in case the links don't work in the future when aliens find my forum...

Gotta think ahead, gnomesayin'.
Oh ye of little faith.
The aliens are already archiving the whole of the internet as we type.
Off-world species = Ain't slippin' yo! lol

I hope so.
(09-24-2020, 10:59 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: https://www.amazon.com/Medline-MEDDYND70...B0055QO4TW

Hey you can make fun if you want...

At least I know my ass is clean.

Actually it appears clean but it's just a lot less dirty. Your asshole still has a multitude of bacteria, fungi 
and is a breading ground for ass scratch fever. 

Why would you assume someone would make fun of personal hygiene. As well as an alternative to the 
toilet paper hording noids. 

What are the main benefits of a clean ass? (Besides the obvious)
Psyllium Husk


I've known men who think fiber supplements are only for women...

Well I'm here to tell ya, folks, all humans need fiber mkay?

Keep your shits soft and wet...

It'll make your life suck less.
Bandanas (Camo)


Remember when I told you about toilet paper alternatives??



No matter what you end up using these fast drying, all purpose gifts from God for...

Just know camo is your best bet.
(11-26-2020, 10:55 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Psyllium Husk


I've known men who think fiber supplements are only for women...

Well I'm here to tell ya, folks, all humans need fiber mkay?

Keep your shits soft and wet...

It'll make your life suck less.

I eat green salads for fiber. The foliage scrapes my innards clean.
Oh for sure...

If you have enough veggies in a day, you don't have to take any supplements...

But a lot of people don't eat an adequate ratio of fiber to other types of food.

Don't drink enough water, etc.

I am of the mind that even if you do eat enough fiber in a day, you should still supplement if you're prone to small dry shits...

I've been taking fiber supplements on and off since I was like 16.

I was raised on fast food and sammiches/hot dogs... and pot roast.

So I've known the importance of fiber for a loooong, loooong time...

Nothing wrong with sandwiches. Just pile some foliage on them.

Dang ham sammich with some mayo, mustard, lil pepper, tomato/lettuce/pickles...

Drool 2

I can't wait to slay some leftover Thanksgiving ham!!!
if the grocery stores close down I can get by on carrots and lettuce growing out back but I will need to hunt rabbit and how long before my cats and dog start lookin juicy or even people
I'm sure there are better masks available but... that aesthetic yo, lol.


Get yo life right!! ROFL 

*can't seem to find his own sleep mask*  : (

And why come my links ain't all nice and short like MO's?? *outraged*

EDIT: Thank Dev! Merch 'ppreciated!! ThumbsUp

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