#FreeBritney: The Britney Spears Conspiracy
(07-21-2021, 05:26 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

6:48 listen to how this bitch was trying to rush along closing things up and Britney just interrupts and starts to fucking defend herself...

You could hear the 'bought off' in that bitch's voice that she interrupted. Unbelievable. What they have done to Britney is leagues beyond wrong.

Britney knew she had to speak up in that moment, she knew it would be her last chance and she wasn't gonna let it slip away.


Yeah, I am just now getting around to listening to this. Better late than never though!
Listen to her fan who recorded this (I assume) typing and laughing when Britney interrupts and stands up for herself.

Listen to the tone of that bitch's voice talking after her... she sounds so annoyed that Britney decided to defend herself and let people know what the fuck has REALLY been done to her.

Lots of sick, evil fucks out there and she's surrounded by 'em.

Free Britney.
"Work Bitch" used to be one of my favorite Britney songs, but now...

After all this shit...

It is so clear they were making her sing a song that was meant to taunt HERSELF.

That was meant to spite HERSELF.

That was meant to program and mindfuck herself.

My God dude...

That is so fucking sad and sick and twisted.
It was a sick joke.

So depraved.
idk man, i cant seem to muster up even an ounce of sympathy or compassion for spoiled multimillionairs like britney and paris
Seems like a big waste of my emotions but i am heavily sedated and weird , a stalker and a peeper

I just saw this video on my recommended feed, and it dawned on me, Britney's got a fair bit of Italian blood in there.

Never realized it before now.

So I looked it up just to verify, and yup...

Quote:Britney Spears, born Britney Jean Spears, is an American recording artist and entertainer. Her grandmother Lilian Irene Portelli was a Sicilian immigrant.


Very Sicilian looking...

Wonder why this is just now being brought into the conscious fore?


I think I know what it is...

A lot of people shit talk Britney saying she aged badly (fucking assholes, all the stress she's been through, YA THINK maybe it's been hard??) and actually all I can see is her Italian traits becoming more clear with time.
Very interesting.
Madonna too, I think. I’m in a Thai restaurant right now and there’s a song playing that sounds exactly like Madonna singing in Thai. It’s got to be her.
Just looked it up. Madonna’s family name is Ciccone. I wonder if there is some family connection between them.
It's so weird, when I saw that video thumbnail up there, it just hit me...

I said to myself "Lots of Sicilian blood"...

That was pretty specific.

It's not like I know a shit ton about Italy or Italian culture or anything either.

I'm not a fan of choreographed dance, but Britney is a badass...

Her shorter hairstyles were absolute fire.

God bless the late '90s for its damn popstars and these epic fucking dances.

I thought the '90s were shite for the most part, but this type of hyped up energetic dancing is a great thing that came from that era.

The outfits are all absolutely killer too, bring it back... bring back those flatass stomachs and those badass outfits.

3:11 keep that body tight... yeah girl.
some harsh words for her mom and women in general 

Now people are trying to say the whole thing is for attention and are even starting to hate on Britney herself over it which probably means she'll be making a release soon. Whether it's music/book/movie whatever, who knows.

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