#FreeBritney: The Britney Spears Conspiracy
(01-15-2022, 01:32 PM)zenba Wrote: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYaATZ3PWXO/

illuminati confirmed

Yeah I saw that weird scary shit...

I hate Alice in Wonderland.

The thing is...

Britney is always trying to drop hints on her IG.

It's unclear whether or not she even makes her own posts...

There was some speculation that those naked posts she's been making were posted against her will, but I dunno.

She's been trying to sneak tidbits of the truth onto Instagram for years, maybe even in an effort to circumvent the person who's actually posting on her social media for her.

It's gotta be really veiled to get past the censors, I would guess.


Sloan is fucking awesome.
I need a gay best friend. NOW.

I feel like he could give me lots of really good fashion advice though.
All my outfits would be gay best friend approved.

It needs to happen.

0:57 no kid should ever be the 'breadwinner' for their family...

That's sad and fucked up no matter what.

End of story.

I can't believe society is so fucking blind to what's right in front of them...

That's why they peddle this popstar shit to kids.

Cuz kids are too dumb to understand that their idols are really slaves.

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