Journey: The Supernatural God Level Gift That Is Arnel Pineda
I decided to stop spamming the Eddie Van Halen thread with Arnel obsession and dedicate a thread to Journey, after all, it's about time.

There is already a thread which is vaguely about Journey, but it was mostly just a joke, albeit totally fucking hilarious: I WANNA BE THERE IN MY SETTEE

Now I'll copy/paste all our discussion about Journey so far:

(10-12-2020, 12:19 PM)Devastatia Wrote: They're not gonna shut down the franchise just because Eddie died.

Look at Journey. They're a diversified corporation. When Steve Perry left, they found a sound-alike singer and kept on rolling.

(10-12-2020, 01:10 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I meeean, that Steve Perry sound-alike guy was remarkable though...

Not saying they couldn't potentially find somebody who fits the sound to fill in for Eddie Van Halen but...

It would definitely have to be a global search like it was for Journey.

(10-12-2020, 02:17 PM)Devastatia Wrote: Yeah, Arnel is an awesome singer. Unfortunately he's content to mimic Perry rather than develop his own style.

Journey's original singer, Gregg Rolie, sounded nothing like Perry. They had had only modest commercial success before Rolie left the band, so they weren't really compelled to find someone who could cover his material.

The Steve Perry era was by far Journey's most lucrative period. They became a huge money-making enterprise, and apparently didn't want to break out of the formula that had made them a huge success. Hence, Arnel Pineda.

If Van Halen is merely looking for an Eddie imitator, it won't be that hard to find one. Two generations of guitarists grew up learning to play all of Eddie's licks. I hope they don't go that route though. They need to get someone who can play Eddie's songs, but who can also innovate and help the band's sound evolve.

(10-12-2020, 02:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Dude honestly...

Arnel is so awesome at being the clone of Steve's voice...

That's the whole entire point.

He doesn't HAVE to be unique or "himself"...

With a gift like that, his purpose in life (creatively, and at least by a large margin) is to parrot Steve in a way that is pretty unbelievable/remarkable/outstanding.

I am not sure which is more unlikely to be so perfectly copied...

A voice, or a guitarist's personal style.

I think the voice may be a lot more rare.

You take Jimi Hendrix for example...

Nobody can convincingly parrot him whatsoever.

(10-12-2020, 02:47 PM)Devastatia Wrote: I can't imagine being an artist and not wanting to create my own style.

I think Arnel will have to at some point. The generation that grew up on the Perry era sound won't be around forever, and future generations wont give two shits about it. Journey underwent a drastic transformation when Perry replaced Rolie, and they'll have to do so again to stay relevant for another 40 years.

It's a lot easier to copy a guitarist than to copy a singer of Steve Perry's caliber.

So yeah, I have to give Arnel mad props for even accomplishing that.

(10-12-2020, 03:49 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

You know what I really think though...

I think this is just Arnel's voice and it's that simple.

He really ain't even parroting Steve...

He may mimic a few specific traits for impact and wow factor, but I think this is just his voice man.

(10-12-2020, 03:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

I usually think old bands getting their members replaced is lame as shit and sucks...

But in this case, it's truly a fucking marvel, ROFL.

I wonder how Steve felt about it.

He probably felt pretty blessed.

It's really kind of magical.

(10-12-2020, 04:31 PM)Devastatia Wrote: It's hard to say whether Arnel would've sounded like Steve Perry if he had grown up idolizing some band other than Journey.

I'm not knocking Arnel's talent at all. I think he would've done well if he had joined some other band.

I idolized Steve Perry myself at one time. Journey was my favorite band through high school. Over the years though, I've become disenchanted with them for the same reason I'm down on the corporate music industry as a whole. They've turned into this self-perpetuating corporate juggernaut that just wants to keep milking the same material and formula forever.

I don't see anything wrong with old bands getting new members. Artists get tired of playing with each other, or have irreconcilable creative differences that require them to either split up or replace members. Or, in the case of Steve Perry, a member develops health issues that keep him from continuing to work regularly.

Neal Schon is the only member of Journey who's been with the band since the beginning. Aside from Schon, it has become a completely different band several times. Except with Arnel it stayed pretty much the same band as with Perry. Why don't they split up and go their separate ways? It seems like they just want to keep milking the same cash cow at this point.

By all accounts, Steve loves Arnel. He says Arnel is Journey's lead singer, not him, and dismisses any talk about him rejoining the band and replacing Arnel.

(10-12-2020, 04:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You can tell the band loves Arnel too. At this point he's been the most longstanding lead singer.

There are a couple things he does that they don't 100% like, but they'd never say anything to him about it... they love the guy.

(10-12-2020, 05:13 PM)Devastatia Wrote: Which makes it puzzling that he wasn't inducted into the hall of fame with the rest of the band.

(10-12-2020, 05:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeah I heard about that. The band felt like he got slighted for it. They need to put him in along with Steve Perry... it shouldn't be just one of them.

(10-14-2020, 03:38 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

1:54 seriously, look how much they love this guy.

LOL I just think he's so fucking amazing.

I feel like I can hear a little bit of an accent...

Which is kiiind of adorable.

3:36 I mean...

I don't think people really give this the credit it deserves as a damn near supernatural phenomenon, ROFL.

I'm serious.

Like, imagine being the band and how trippy it must be to them.

Like life is a fucking dream or something.

It'd probably be unadvised and pretty unprofessional for them to actually discuss it... but you KNOW they're thinking it.

God, he's sooooo sweet.

Why did I go down this rabbit hole.

This is just pointless for me.

I love it.

Jesus man, I just don't even know.

I don't even know.

I feel like...

Agh, honestly I feel like Arnel has imploded the universe and we're just now realizing it.

Quote:Ultimately the band hired another YouTube find, Filipino singer Arnel Pineda of the cover band The Zoo.


Honestly, Arnel's heart is just pure enough that he got to live his ultimate dream, in the flesh.



Man I gotta be 100% real with you...

That 2016 performance up there??


First of all...

Journey is the one band that I can truly say I am so glad went on after a core, iconic member left.

And secondly?

This is no diss to Steve. Not at all.

But if I had to choose between getting in a time machine and going to a Journey concert in their Steve Perry led heyday, or going to this 2016 performance?

I'd be going to that 2016 performance.

Arnel is otherwordly, god status.

Steve is too. But Arnel's energy is my jam.

Comments Wrote:For any bonafide Steve Perry/Journey fan, "Lights" is the true Acid Test. Like it, or not...Arnel passes the test. Lovely voice!

He's Right You Know

Arnel is 53, which I just can't even believe...

The purity of his energy just makes him seem so young.

But it's for this reason that I stick to my opinion that there's no need for him to ever establish his own style.

Great/powerful singers like that who give it their heart and soul for ~30 years are lucky if they can even do it anymore once they get to that age.

With a damn near godly talent like Arnel's, there is absolutely nothing left to prove.

And I'll go to a spiritual level with it too...

Arnel was obviously deeply inspired by Steve Perry.

There is some kind of karma here...

Arnel got to hitch a ride on the trail that Steve blazed with Journey.

Because of Steve, Arnel benefited. He didn't know he was gonna benefit someday...

Arnel didn't know he'd end up the lead singer of Journey at the age of 41.

So spiritually, karmically, I guess Steve (the higher self or whatever you wanna call it, because we're definitely not talking about their human avatars) owed Arnel one.

He either owed him one, or Steve agreed to it out of the kindness of his heart (soul).

But since Arnel embodies something so intimate and something that should be so unique...

I think it's safe to say that Steve was doing more than a solid for Arnel.

It was Arnel's destiny to benefit from Steve's vibration and legacy.

Maybe Arnel doesn't even know who he is apart from Steve's influence, which probably started pretty early in his life. What, the early 80s or so?

Long time.

I feel that Arnel's story is deeply inspiring.

Almost like a testament to living your life auditioning for the role you want every day...

You can bet Arnel sang those songs in the shower decades before he sang them on stage. Think about how powerful THAT is.

You gotta be fucking kidding me dude, I cannot even fucking believe this.

This shit is supernatural.


I'm just going back and listening to all my fave Journey songs with Arnel.

I just...


Overwhelming, y'all.

If he does Still They Ride, I'm gonna fucking dieeeeeee.

Seriously, "Who's Crying Now" goes to show that Arnel IS singing his own style.

It just happens to...

Sound exactly like Steve Perry only IMO, I like Arnel even more.

I. Like. Arnel. Even. More.

2:32 keyboardist Jonathan Cain loves him too... just listen to those notes.

I'm just...

So impressed.

So there really aren't very many uploads of Arnel singing "Still They Ride"... they're all like camera in the audience uploads.

But I found this guy (E5C4P3), whose thing is apparently singing this specific song, LMAO!

Same deal with these guys though, it's all camera in the audience uploads.

I guess it's sort of a typical coverband type deal, so they do Journey.

He's still no match for Arnel, but on this song, he might just win.

I get the impression there are SOME Journey songs Arnel is not totally wild about singing.

I don't blame him.

Singing any Journey song is an astronomically tall order.

Deen Castronovo is singing this version...

I've seen a lot of people saying they prefer his version even above Steve's.

I prefer the original...

But I do think Deen performs it live best of all.

Journey is fucking legendary man.

One of the most legendary groups in history.
This is from Arnel's YouTube channel...

Nineteen ninety fuckin' FIVE!?

That was a hot minute ago.


Guy's been at it a long time...

So he has been doing this for almost 30 years that we know of.

He was 28 then.

It's a wonder his voice is still intact.

The reason Steve left Journey was because he wasn't able to sing that way anymore.

But I will put it the way a YouTube band reviewer and Journey obsessor put it...

"Steve at half power is still better than the best singers out there."

Aaand, it's true.

People can claim he left for other reasons, it's whatever.

But he left because he couldn't sing at the same intensity/sustain anymore.

His new album wasn't my cup of tea (I basically hate all new music no matter who it's by) but he's still clearly better than everyone else.

Except for Arnel...

It's kinda like how people shit-talk Mariah Carey for "not being able to sing anymore"...


(05-28-2020, 12:02 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

6:00 I had nooo idea this was what Mariah Carey is known for...

Hoooooly shit. Lmfaolololol!!! What the FUCK??

6:13 what the fuck kinda alien shit IS this??

6:32 dude LOOK at the way she just like smiles and continues on as normal after that shit.

I mean... what the hell kinda music is this even???

What kinda music can you just randomly do that in the middle of???

I've heard people be like "What happened to Mariah Carey's voice?" like she can't sing anymore or something...

Well I mean I don't even know if that's true, but if it was true, would it be any wonder???

LMAO I mean what the hell.
I think my favorite is the 2016 performance of "Open Arms"...

It's just insane.

Comment Wrote:Best concert I've ever seen, they make you melt... lol

Dude, word.

Arnel was MELTING FACES at this show.

If I had been in the crowd I would have been crying like a bitch, for real.
I get way too worked up at shows.

Any kind of show.

Doesn't even matter.
And that legendary shit went down at a show called "Indy 500 Carb Day"... I meeean.

Yeah, sure, thank God...

But you just never know where hardcore magic is gonna happen, folks.



If I could go to ANY concert, EVER...

I truly think this would be the one.
Living the damn dream.

Arnel's life is 100% a perfect example of what it means to live the dream.

That is what it means to live the dream.
But it took dedication...

Like that vid from 1995.

He fought hard for it for years and years even if he didn't REALLY know what he was doing or what the eventuality would be.

Arnel had PASSION for Journey and singing those songs.



So bright I gotta wear shades...


I mean honestly, this guy and his girlfriend are kiiiiind of annoying, but...

LMAO it legitimately doesn't even matter because of how epic and legendary the performance is.

It's just so unbelievable that it drowns out everything else and even transforms annoying people into something almost kind of beautiful.

Inarguably legendary...

That's how you know you're witnessing magic... it transforms all the bullshit around it.
I think Arnel is the greatest of all time.

The greatest what?

Just the greatest.

That's it.

1:11 *popcorn*...



2:13 so apparently this was the video that started it all:

3:08 wow dude.

3:23 I mean, "Don't Stop Believing" literally encapsulates Arnel's story. Oh my God dude this shit IS WIIIILLLLDDDD.

3:52 dude OMG, they love Arnel SO much.

Arnel fucks me up dude, I think I'm gonna cry. Hard.

4:28 dude I fucking love this guy, OMG.

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