Five Word Chain Story
He could see it in the distance. As much as he detested driving fast, he set aside his fears
this one time as his foot pressed the gas pedal closer to the floorboard. Curiosity had the
better of him. And so far, everything looked like a "Go".

The old television/radio tower was still standing. Situated on the edge of a rolling grass field,
the long-defunct structure told endless tales of past glory. The accompanying building had been
torn down several years before, but this tower remained and with it many fond memories.

Orville would come to this field as a child. His father would bring him on weekends and holidays,
weather permitting, and they would play catch and fly kites and do all the things young boys do
with their fathers. It was only a small window of time in Orville's life but it was one that brought
him much comfort. 

His father's passing just after his twelfth birthday had such a huge, negative impact. That was the 
time in a boy's life when a father's presence was most important. Shaving, driving, how to fight if
it came to it, girls, all the struggles that face a teenager were compounded for Orville. He would
eventually learn about all these things on his own but without a father's guidance, a young man
could veer off the path into dereliction. And Orville did.

The lush green field was surrounded by stands of trees. All sorts. Oaks, elms, maples. It's a wonder
more people weren't attracted to this place. It was a little out of the way, but if one desired wide open
spaces and fresh air, this was it in spades.

Orville exited his old jalopy, diary in hand, and climbed a small hill to sit in the shade and explore the
world Gail left behind. There was a cool breeze rushing through the leaves overhead as he sat beneath
an impressive oak. There was the smell of a wood fire on the air. He closed his eyes and inhaled the
sweet, faint scent. This might prove to be the closure that he so very badly needed.

He cleaned his glasses before beginning. It seemed only right.
They realized they were insane.
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It was near twilight before he even looked up from the diary. Completely absorbed by the words
stretching across each page. He had only made it through the first half but it painted a well
enough informed picture of the person that Gail was. And Orville didn't have it wrong.

She made entries for every single interaction with him. Detailing times, dates and her reasons 
for meeting. He was relieved to find that she was quite fond of him despite her sometimes
sharp tongue. She valued him. When it was all on the line - she knew she could count on him -
and that meant a great deal to Orville. He may have been a crook, but at least with Gail there
seemed to be a respectful honor among thieves. He could let her rest now. Sweet closure 
had arrived.

What he didn't anticipate: Her matters of the heart. They were strangely out of place
in Orville's mind. He couldn't quite understand but he knew the pages didn't lie. This would 
be something to bring to the attention of another. 

He left that field in hopes of finding clarity. But hopefully not at the cost of another's confusion.
Three light taps upon the door. Nothing less, nothing more. He waited for an answer.

Opening to the sight of a man who had been through an uphill battle, Delia rushed Orville
inside and closed the door. He walked over to the window and stood silently. She watched from
across the room. Not saying a word, he turned around, gently tossing the diary onto Delia's
bed before taking a seat at the small table just feet away. She walked closer, looking down
at the leather-bound object, wondering of its significance.

"Page fifty-seven" Orville said in a low, raspy voice.

Delia picked up the diary, walked around to the other side of the bed, sat at the foot and cast
her gaze upon Orville - then down onto the mystery in her hands. Orville looked on as she
opened the book and nervously thumbed her way to the appointed page. As she read, her expression
was that of mild shock. Could she really be reading this?

"You didn't know, did you?" he asked softly.

Delia's eyes still fixedly streaming across the small pages. The revelation of Gail's feelings falling 
onto her like a collapsing skyscraper. Was this a joke? How could this be? She couldn't understand
why or how. It was such a warped and desperate show of emotion, yet safely tucked away in this
private place. Delia's head was spinning. Feelings of every denomination flooded her mind. This was
more than she could bear at present. She immediately threw the journal across the bed, stood and 
began pacing. Orville sat taking it all in. Neither of them could have dreamt this one up.

Gail had been secretly in love with Delia.
"I just don't understand... not at all" Delia proclaimed as she continued around the room.

Orville stood, reached over to grab the diary and returned to his seat. He placed the troubling
pages upon the small table and leaned forward with arms crossed, elbows resting on his knees.

Delia came to a stop in the middle of the room. She took a seat on the edge of her bed, facing away 
from her guest. Anger and confusion running neck and neck in a blistering race set in her mind.

"She always seemed greatly conflicted" Orville said reassuringly.

Delia sat quietly. She hadn't yet found her words. Or anyone else's for that matter.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to keep hold of this" he said in a humble tone.

Her back still facing him, she replied "Yes, of course."

Orville picked up the journal and made his way to leave, stopping briefly next to Delia.

Looking down at her as she stared into her lap, he offered a respectful thought.

"Perhaps it's best if you allow those words to die with her?" he said as he continued to the door and let himself out.

Delia never wanted any of this. And she still had Vickie to deal with.
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Delia stands nervously after ringing the doorbell of this glorious mansion. 
Her mind speeds past with a blur of thought and emotion. This did not feel right.

A well-dressed servant opens the door to the beautiful Detective. She walks in and
instantly all eyes were upon her. The ball gown she wore flowing like a river of
precious jewels. Her gorgeous blonde hair, styled to perfection, in long wrapping
curls that dazzled the eye as they fell softly onto her delicate shoulders.

Every man's Dream and every woman's Envy. 

Approaching from behind her, the hostess of that evening: Victoria Meyer.

She puts her arm around her Dee and walks her forward.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let us welcome the wonderful and lovely, Delia Delicato!" she announces.

The entire room stops, turns and releases a thunder of applause. 

Vickie leans over to Delia's ear, whispering "Appearances, my darling, appearances..." 

Delia is feeling the pressure of the mighty crowd. As her and Vickie make their way through
the sea of party-goers, Delia notices that each of their faces have begun to take on grotesque 
expressions. Their features warping and melting like a macabre putty. The whole room takes
on a darkened tone, as though a gritty grey filter had been switched on. Could this be purely
from her nervous tension? Was this going to let up or continue to worsen as the night went on?

They reached the mouth of the dining hall, peering in Delia could see a long table that stretched
for what looked like miles, covered with every imaginable dish, enough food for an army. As they neared 
the head of the table, Delia's eyes grew in absolute shock and terror! It was Gail!!

Sitting there in the Master's chair, replete with all the accessories needed for an evening such as
this: a magnificent gown, a sparkling tiara and one last unexpected feature...

The bullet hole placed in her forehead by none other than the Lady of the Manor.

Delia's insides were flipping. She looked around at all the guests who were pouring in as they
roared with a sick laughter. Vickie slapping her on the back, encouraging her to join in the
twisted display. She felt faint. This was not the night she signed up for!

Then, Vickie signaled the piano player. Delia glanced over to find yet more disbelief: It was Orville!

He very gently began tapping the keys in a slow-starting tune that already had every nuance of 
a child's nursery rhyme put to nightmarish melody. The air took on a feeling of death. It was then 
that Gail's body, raised by the many puppet strings attached, knocked the massive throne she was
occupying backwards and broke into a cartoonish dance. Orville's playing grew louder, darker as
Gail's lifeless body twirled and spun in a ghoulish performance of depravity. The chanting and clapping
from the mass of people pushed the volume of events into a cacophony of ear-bleed. More, more, MORE!!

Delia met her limit, her faculties had finally had all she could bear. She hit the floor like an overturned 
gravestone, falling ever deeper into the abyss...

Suddenly, Delia awoke with a jarring shake. Face covered in sweat, her heart battering against
her chest. It was all just a bad dream. The relief that washed over her felt like cool, healing
waters from Heaven itself. She took a minute to catch her breath. And as if by cue, the phone
rang. Delia picked up, to hear her voice. It was Vickie.

"You ready for tonight, my lovely?" she said as Delia laid silent.

This was going to be a tremendous feat.
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Radio silence.

"Are you there?" Vickie asked.

Delia had to gather her thoughts.

"Yes, I'm here." she said.

"I'll have my driver pick you up at eight sharp!" Vickie said with delight.

"I have a ride, thank you!" Delia batted back.

"That wasn't our arrangement!" Vickie shot coldly.

"And I'll need a plus one." Delia returned.

"That wasn't either!" said a now angry Vickie.

"Well it is now. Take it or leave it" she said knowing this could end very badly.

That silence arose once more. Vickie allowed the passage of only a few seconds before reloading.

"That's what I love about you, Delicato, you've got Balls!" she said enthusiastically.

"Aim for eight-thirty, earlier always being better" Vickie commanded.

"Eight-thirty it is" Delia said confidently.

The line went dead. Hopefully, Delia wouldn't end her night the same.
Their day had been wonderful. 

Lunch in the city, a walk in the park and a drive through the countryside. All the makings of a very
cliche movie but this was real. And Johnny and Delia had enjoyed every last minute of it!

They returned to Delia's hotel room where they would sit and talk about the night ahead of them.
A knock at the door caught them both by surprize. 

"You expecting someone?" Johnny asked, standing from the chair at the small table.

"No, no one" Delia said.

He walked over and opened the door to find their old friend. Orville.
Johnny looked him in the eye, then over to Delia. She gave a nod and Johnny pulled the
door wider as their guest entered the room.

"Is everything alright?" she asked the uneasy looking man.

Orville moved his eyes from Delia to Johnny and back. Then, he reached into his coat pocket
and removed a small silver cylinder. Holding it in his large hand, he offered it to Delia. She took 
it from him and brought it closer to inspect with a quizzed look. It was the same kind of cylinder 
that freed Mitchell Mahoney from his life of petty crime.

"Jam it into that bitch's neck and she'll no longer be anyone's problem" Orville said flatly.

Delia looked up at him with one of those kinds of looks. Then, over to Johnny.

"Orville, I don't know... I don't think I... can do this" she said honestly.

She knew what it was. She also knew she'd never done that kind of thing before.
Sure, she'd killed a few people in the line of duty, clean kills. But to be close enough
to look them in the eye as you inject them with their ticket home... it just felt like too much.

"Good thing I came prepared" he added, pulling out another cylinder. Holding it up for her like before.

Delia took the second one in hand, looking at it before turning her eyes back to Orville.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Open it" he said.

She took the lid off and squinted to see inside.

"Turn it. The bottom" Orville kindly instructed.

Delia did and what do you know. Like an old friend.

"It's lipstick!" she declared as she raised it towards her face.

"NOOOO, don't!" Orville said in an almost shout, startling both Johnny and Delia.

"One application is enough to end a very bad career" he said.

Delia now looking at the silver tube with great uncertainty.

"How am I supposed to get Vickie to use it?" she asks.

Orville reaches into his pocket a third and final time.

"That's why you're going to need this!" he says as he hands her a small dark vial.

She takes it into her hand. Then, that sinking feeling...

"What's this?" she asked.

"The antidote" Orville returned.

Delia looked at him and then to Johnny. If this meant what she thought it did...

"So let me get this straight - I apply this to Vickie's lips... with MINE" she uttered in a defeated tone.

"Preferably an open mouth. Mucus membranes, faster delivery" Orville said with the slightest hint of a grin.

Delia stood looking at him disgusted.

"I should've just let her kill me" she grumbles.

"The antidote, you'll want to take before going inside. The other, just before the encounter" he said now giggling.

Delia was already having a bad night and it was only 6pm.

"Alright Orville, it's time for you to go" she said as she put her hand on his back and pushed him to the door.

Once in the hall, Orville turned to face Delia.

"Do this for ALL of us" he asked genuinely.

"You got it" she said. The tall man disappeared down the finely carpeted hallway.

She closed the door and walked over to Johnny, standing just before him.

"For all the tea in China" he said lovingly.

"Every last leaf" she answered.
They were both beside themselves as the blacked-out police car made its way up the long
gravel path. Johnny pulled up to the front of the behemoth that was Vickie's home and was
met by the valet. Whenever she'd throw a big to-do, she'd be sure to hire as many workers 
as it took for the night to go off without a hitch. She may have been a psychotic murderer
but the woman knew how to hob-nob with the best of them.

Johnny and Delia exit the vehicle looking like royalty. They are both dressed to the nines and
then some. The valet takes the car around to the side of the residence where an overflow-type
parking area held roughly forty other cars. They are met by a short but sophisticated gentleman
at the bottom of those lavish marble stairs. 

"Detectives, please, come inside, the Lady is waiting" he said with a smile.

The three of them ascended that finely chiseled staircase. Once inside, they were handed off
to a butler that escorted them into the main gathering room. There were people scattered about
like ants at a picnic. All of the city's most powerful influences, no doubt. Vickie caught sight of her
Dee from across the room and came running. 

"Delia! My God, aren't you stunning!" she cried as she grabbed her in a tight, welcoming hug.

She then looked over at Johnny. He smiled and held out his hand but Vickie wasn't biting.

"And aren't You ever the handsome man tonight!" she said as she wrapped her arms around him
in just as tight a hug as Delia had.

"I'm so glad you both could make it! Please, let me show you around!" Vickie said like an excited child.

It didn't take much to set her off but under the right circumstances, one would be caught by quite
the surprize to see just how congenial Victoria Meyer could be. Even if it were all an act. She thought
she had everybody fooled, and for the most part maybe she did, but Delia knew what she was.

After a quick tour of a small fraction of her sprawling home, Vickie brought the beautiful couple
to the main dining room. It was even more extravagant than in Delia's nightmare. The table looked
bigger, the chandelier was the size of a grand piano, everything just had more sparkle and shine.

It was then that Vickie made her move.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to borrow your gorgeous lady for a while" she said to Johnny.

Delia looked at him with such a deep rooted love. He smiled and turned to Vickie.

"Could I have a quick moment before you do?" he asked.

"Oh, but of course!" she said to him. 

"I'll just be over there" she said, motioning towards the bar.

"Come find me when you two are done" she said to Delia with a glint in her eye. 

She walked away and the two lovebirds conferred.

"Did you take it yet?" he asked nervously.

"Just before we got out of the car" she returned in the same nervous tone.

They stood, staring into each other's eyes. Then, a kiss. Vickie watched on from across
the room. Bathing in lustful envy. 

"Here goes nothing" Delia said as she strutted away to meet this impossible night head-on.

Johnny watched this elegant woman take across the floor, every eye in the joint finding her.

"That's my girl..."
Vickie stood at the bar with her back to the room. Delia crept up behind, whispering into her ear.

"I'm all yours" she said as Vickie turned around to witness the sexiest woman alive.

They lock eyes. Delia submerging with purpose. Vickie lighting her own inner fire.

"Come..." Vickie said as she motioned with her hand the direction they were to leave in.

"You shall indeed" Delia said in her most sultry gasp.

This excited Vickie no end. There were things coming alive within. This felt dangerous. She was all in now.

The two beauties left the crowded room through a back hallway. Vickie had a secret lair for her
extracurricular activities. They walked past several doors until coming to the end of the passage.

Vickie blinked what appeared to be some sort of morse code at the blank wall when suddenly
a hidden panel slid free and they entered into a deeper section of the home.

Retinal scanners were all the rage among the wealthy upper crust. It made them feel important.
This new hallway boasted little of rooms or doors. Just an elevator at the end. Delia wasn't fond
of elevators anymore.

Activated by motion sensors, the doors opened once they were close enough to step inside.
Once boarded, the box began to lift. Three buttons. Three floors. To Delia's relief.

Moments after clearing the second floor Vickie leans over to Delia's ear.

"You have me flooded" she says almost hissing as she takes Delia's lobe into her mouth, biting gently.

Delia gasps lightly, unexpectedly. Vickie pulls away and they both stand silently.

Top floor, the doors open. Vickie looks over at her Dee like a bride on her wedding night.

Not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle in her gown. They step out of the elevator and walk to the 
only room contained in that hallway. Sitting at the very end. Vickie felt feet off the ground. Delia
was certainly playing the part. She had to be convincing until the bitter end. "All in" she thought.

Vickie opened the door to her lovers hideaway and allowed Delia to enter first. Manners.
Delia walked into the room, which was much smaller than the main dining area but still
somewhat patterned after its design. A table for two, a small wet bar and a beautiful wood burning
fireplace that had already been lit. Vickie wasn't one to watch paint dry.

Vickie closes the door and glides over to her night's conquest. She reaches her arms through
Delia's from behind and pulls her close. Delia gasps again. Their bodies now touching.

"This will be the most honorable defiling of my life" she said as she began kissing the back of Delia's shoulders.

Not to disappoint, Delia released a soft, sensual moan as she placed her hands upon Vickie's.
Vickie decides to taste Delia's other earlobe. Just as sweet as the first.

"Let's have a drink" Vickie suggested. Delia thought then about the antidote and possible side-effects.

"You're the only drink I need" she said as she turned to look into Vickie's wild, chaotic eyes.

Vickie couldn't restrain herself any longer. She grabbed Delia by her hair and pulled
her head back forcefully and began licking and sucking on her pale throat. Delia was absolutely
sickened but her A-game being what it was, Vickie was none the wiser.

She moaned long and passionately as her left hand found Vickie's upper thigh. This was getting serious.

"I want to destroy you!" Vickie said breathless. Delia turning to face her. Their noses touching.

"Uh-uh-uuuhh" she said teasing. "Let's not rush, we've got all night" she promised.

Vickie then grabbed Dee's shoulders and ran her back against the wall. Pinning her under all
that raging lust. Their lips collide. It was a slow, mutual devouring. Vickie's hands finding all of 
Delia's most sensual spots, places one couldn't mention outside of the bedroom. They both squealed
in utter ecstasy. If only Vickie knew.

Suddenly Vickie slowed the assault and backed away. Gazing into Dee's eyes, she said "I'll be right back."

Delia wasn't sure what was happening but was too caught up in the moment to question.
Vickie staggered to the bathroom and closed the door. Delia knew this was her only chance!

Seconds later, Vickie emerges bare of a single stitch. Her eyes even wilder than before.

Delia was scared, but she was set to do what needed to be done. Vickie grabbed Delia once more
and threw her onto the love seat at the edge of the room. She jumped violently atop her and ground
her body into the lovely Detective's.

"I want to feel You in every cell!!" she screamed while ripping at Delia's beautiful gown. 

She must've dosed herself with something, some kind of drug, while in the bathroom. Her eyes
were crazy, she was all but frothing at the mouth. Delia knew her time was short. She reached up 
and grabbed Vickie's face with both hands and pulled her in hard. Thus dealing the death blow.

Vickie then jerked backwards and howled like a beast in the wood. She fell off of Delia and onto
the floor, writhing in whatever sick concoction was sizzling in her brain. It would soon be joined
by another. A less pleasurable one.

"I want you to Rape me! Every inch of my dirty flesh! Now, I need You now!!" she wailed like a demon.

Delia sat up on the two-seater witnessing a new kind of exorcism. It wouldn't be long now.

Vickie started running her hands all over her own body, agitating those unmentionable parts.
Doing so violently, this had surpassed anything remotely sexual. She was in a darker place now.

Suddenly, it was like a switch had flipped. Vickie became almost silent. She looked up at her Dee
as tears began to fall. Something wasn't right. But Delia knew different.

"Dee, my sweet darling? What have you done?" she cried.

Delia stood to her feet, brushed the hair from her face and spoke boldly.

"I'm letting you know what You are a part of. This deal you now cannot refuse!" harkening back to that
awful day in the elevator outside the secret lab.

Vickie began convulsing. She vomited all over herself while staring up at the Detective.

"What's happening to me?" she cried out.

Delia, now standing over the dying sector commander, said a few last words.

"Charles Delicato. Gail Atwood. Orville Shotsworth. And all the other poor bastards you've murdered
and lives you've ruined. THAT'S what's happening! You disgusting, filthy whore!"  

Delia walked to the door, turning to watch Vickie spill her last few moments of life.

Detective Delicato. Martian hunter. Bombshell. Righter of wrongs. 

And Undefeated!

The End .... ???
I just want to thank MO for letting me play along. This was a LOT of fun! : )
OK, just finished reading this WHOLE thing. Goddang, that's a LOT of words!!! lol
Just to let you know how deep this story has burrowed into me, lol... I woke up with this edit in mind!

EDIT - The line "Vickie emerges completely naked" to "Vickie emerges bare of a single stitch"

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HELL yes. Charles avenged!

I love that Delia had understanding in her heart over Charles, even though things went the way they did. She knew deep down that he loved her, and was basically powerless in what happened.

I think that Vickie's death freed her from more than the mortal coil... she let out all the seething hatred and bitterness and I think she left with her soul in a healthier state.
EDIT - "I want you to..." line

Changed "Every inch of my dirty body" to "Every inch of my dirty flesh"

I don't think at her depth that she saw her human body as her own, being a Martian and all.

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Now I didn't have any intention of bringing Detective Delia Delicato back but this just 
fell into my mind-lap and I figured I may as well do something with it. So here goes!

"Step out of the car please!" said the stern but gorgeous blonde officer sporting a cute pixie cut.

"What I do?" asked the grungy looking man behind the wheel of a not-so-nice automobile.

"Out of the car, please!" 

"Aay, I got a better idea, why don't You get in the back seat, and I'll join ya?" 

And in the fraction of a second, she had that police-issue glock pressed hard against the man's
temple. This was no ordinary traffic stop.

"Better still, I reupholster this tin can with whatever shit you got between those ears!?"

"Whoa, the fuck you doin? 

"Waiting on Mr. Found Dead In His Car to make a decision... tick-tock Arthur!" she said as she twisted 
the gun barrel into the side of his head.

"Wait! How do you know my name?" he said in a raised voice.

Suddenly, she lowers the gun and sinks one into his upper, inner right thigh.

"You're trying my patience, Artie.."

The man howls in pain. "What the fuck is wrong with you? You're a cop! You can't do this!?"

"Next one's gonna be a little higher. You ever piss out a catheter, Artie?" asked the pretty lady officer.

"OK, OK, I'm coming out..."

He exits the vehicle and walks slowly to the police cruiser, stopping at the back door.

Lady cop continues past him to the trunk, pops it open and says "Get in!"

"The fuckin' trunk?" he questioned. She moves closer to him, gun pointed at his crotch region.

"You ever see what sniper training can do to a man's junk?"

Artie then approaches the trunk. He's got company. "What the fuck is this??" he yelled.

She pushes him into the new back seat and says "Don't mind him."

The trunk slams and the female officer gets into her unit and drives away.

The engine is turned off, lights left on. These woods were as silent as death itself. She goes to the trunk
to free her new friend. His cuffs removed, Artie climbs out of the car when the lady cop pushes him 
onto the ground, kicking him in the ribs.

"Crawl!" she shouted, with her flashlight blinding him.

"What? Where?" he asked in a now far more fearful tone.

"To the tree." He did as she commanded. As he began his march on all fours, she grabs the gas can
from the trunk and follows him. 

"Can you tell me what this is all about? What the fuck is this?" 

She kicks the man hard right in the ass. "Keep moving!"

Once to the tree, he notices a very badly but only partially burned body several feet away.

"Oh my God, what the fuck?" he cried.

"Stand up, Arthur." she said coldly.

He stood as she held her flashlight and gun on him. "Back against the tree."

She then chained Artie to the hefty oak. Cold, tight and padlocked.

"Why are you doing this?" And who the fuck is that?" he motioned to the burned corpse.

"You don't recognize him, Artie?" 

The man looked horrified. "No!!" 

"That's your lawyer. At least it was. You know, the one that helped get you off by having your DNA
sample removed from the evidence room?"

Artie knew he was fucked. It was all over now. But he played the lie to the very end.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Abby Delicato!" she said with a steely anger.

"I don't know who that is, that name don't mean nothin' to me!" 

"That was the girl you picked up that night. The one you raped and killed!"

"You're out of your fucking mind, I never did any of that!" he screamed.

She then walks over to the car, reaches in through the passenger window and brings out
a long black stick. It was a cattle prod. She turned, stood and stared as Artie squirmed like
the miserable low-life that he was.

"You're not getting off this time, Artie." she said menacingly, slowly moving towards him.

Now, looking this piece of excrement in the eye, she ran the prod down the front of his
pants and let him have it. He yelped in the kind of pain that let you know it was real.

And it had only just begun.

"Did she scream like that, you sorry sack of shit??"

She pistol-whips this murdering-rapist as he stands bleeding everywhere. 

"I read the coroner's report. She had splinters in her rectal cavity!!"

The piss-soaked bastard was now crying. Snot and blood adorned his wincing face.

"So unless you have a wooden dick, that means you violated her far beyond anything sexual!"

He was blubbering now. Saying, "Please" over and over and over again.

"Did she beg for her life, like you're doing now you sick son of a bitch??"

More pistol-whipping. More blood and snot everywhere. He deserved this.

"You brought her HERE! Right to this very spot, you fuck!"

"Nooo, nooo" he cried out.

The beautiful lady officer then reignited the cattle prod. This time, hitting all points of interest.
One time, IN the mouth. She meant business. This was personal.

"She was my sister. And you took her from me. In the most vile and inhuman way possible." 

Detective Delia Delicato. Vengeance was hers. 

Delia walked over to the car and leaned back onto the hood between the lights.

"Oh, you wanna know who the asshole in the trunk was?"

Artie, now dissolving in the pain, wasn't fully present in the moment. 

"He was a cop. A detective no less. And he used his power to abuse children. That's why he's
in the trunk of his own car! Child-raping motherfucker had NO business breathing MY air! So he
had to go!" said the righteous Delicato.

"You'll be joining him soon..." she finished ominously, walking over to the tree and picking up the gas can.

Artie let out a few whimpers, but then, fell silent to his fate. This was his

Delicato doused the piece of human garbage with every last drop from that can.

"Say hello to your lawyer for me..." were her last words as she struck a match and sent Artie home.

Detective Delia Delicato. Righter of the darkest wrongs.

[No, she wasn't a real cop, she lifted the uniform and weapons after killing the detective.]

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