Five Word Chain Story
Totally just found the soundtrack for Delia's 'Artie-torture' scene. 

It would be an extended/director's cut scene. Four minutes is getting off easy for a murdering rapist.

#DelicatoJustice #TheGuiltyWillPay #MakeThemFeel
Delia: "You're gettin the whole song, Artie... on loop..." *swings cattle prod like a night-stick*
OK, I'm startin' to think this Delia chick got me a little bit turnt... Sshhh, don't tell nobody...

"Just give me one thing, that I can hold onto..." 

Delia is lip-synching this line to him as she grabs him by the balls, HARD!
He screams and that's when she fills his mouth with cattle prod.

The mind-movie is real, lol.

Yeah, I got this song on loop, RIGHT. NOW. lulz

Cookies and punch had arrived. 

The authors quickly gathered near.

Naptime would come too soon. 

They put away their crayons.
(10-21-2020, 06:08 PM)Guest Wrote: Delicato moved toward the exit and paused under the door jam. She casually moved her long dark hair over her shoulders and let it cascade down her back. Her ass seemed to float outward like the face of a seal emerging from the foam. Her beauty gripped the establishment and all of its patrons like a soft palm covered in KY Warming jelly. For a second, nobody breathed, and this is what she needed. When a Martian gets erect, it makes a distinct sound, like a dog whining while being choked. She listened intently, and sure enough, there it was. She spun around and pointed directly at the Martian's hiding place.

"Get the fuck out here, bucko", she commanded.

Detective Delicato  the brunette version .

Takes it


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