Five Word Chain Story
The door to Vickie's office creaked open as Delia appeared, spent and lifeless.
Closing it behind her, she looked the hallway up and down for an exit. There didn't
seem to be one. She walked to the halls end only to find a solid wall where a door
should've been. Feeling the burden of frustration once more, she began yelling
for help.

"Somebody? Let me out of here!" she sent forth. Her cry was met with silence.

"Hellooooo?? Anybody!! Where's the fucking door?" she went on.

By this time, Vickie had entered the hallway and stood glaring in Delia's direction. 
The peeved Detective heard footsteps coming her way when she turned to see Vickie
closing in. Would she ever be free of this woman? Delia faced the wall as Vickie 
stopped very close to her. Too close for Delia's liking.

"Perfect place for a door, don't ya think?" Vickie taunted.

Delicato held the line, keeping her back to this new enemy she had just made.
Vickie grabbed Delia's left shoulder with her right hand and spun her around.
Their eyes met. Delia was growing sick of this woman's face.

"You're ignoring me again" Vickie said as a call-back to their earlier conversation.

"Just let me out of here" Delia said through gritted teeth.

Vickie stood before her, staring her down like a piece of meat. Lust filling her cold, dead eyes.
She leaned in close to Delia's ear. "I think you just need to loosen up" she whispered seductively.

As she pulled away, her cheek lightly brushed against Delia's. This drew anger from the already disturbed Detective.
Delia shoved Vickie with both hands, sending her back a few steps. Vickie smiled and leaned back
in, almost touching noses this time.

"You want it as badly as I do, and it's eating you up inside" she accused in a breathy scold. 

Delia did find herself with a deep desire. To do this lecherous beast of a woman great harm.

"You are vile and wretched. The very thought of you sickens me!" she said as she spit in her face.

This took Vickie by a bit of surprize. Her eyes grew wide, a subtle smirk could be seen presenting itself.
Her smirk only added to the thick sexual tension permeating that hallway. Vickie took her right index 
finger, gathered up every drop of Delia's saliva, held it in front of her face for them both to see before
plunging it deep into her mouth, closing her lips tightly around it. A gentle moan escaped her throat
as she sucked that finger clean. Removing it from her mouth to softly declare "All gone."

Delia couldn't believe her eyes. Vickie took it a step further. "You taste so much better than Gail" she promised.

Seeing Delia's disgust, Vickie seemed to quickly change characters.

"Jesus, Delicato, maybe try to live a little!" she said in a college party girl tone.

Vickie tapped her watch and the black wall "where a door should've been" opens wide into a larger
main room of the lab. Delia was relieved to finally be leaving this place.

"Just find one of the young ladies from earlier, they'll show you out" Vickie said nonchalantly.

Delia started to walk through the doorway when Vickie spoke up one last time.

"Oh, Dee... think about our little talk, won't you" she said as she winked at Delia and walked away.
EDITED to add -  "Delia couldn't believe..." line.

It was part of the original piece I had running in my head but I can't always keep
it all straight. Really trying to eliminate any possible plot holes. I'm really enjoying
taking part in this story. It's a lot of fun! Thanks, MO!! : )
The blacked-out car raced down the narrow backroad. There was urgency in the engine's rumble.

Johnny, behind the wheel, kept the gas pedal buried with a hardened look of concern on his face.
Orville, sitting in the back, kept an eye on the speedometer. Driving fast made him very nervous.

"I understand the backseat, but are these handcuffs really necessary?" Orville questioned.

Johnny looked into the rearview mirror to find Shotsworth staring back.

"I'm supposed to drive around with a petty criminal in no restraints?" he asked.

Orville sighed an uneasy breath of understanding. He got it. He knew the score.

"Well can you at least slow down a bit" he requested as he wriggled for comfort.

Orville didn't care much for fast driving. It jangled his every nerve.

Johnny shot back with less patience this time.

"This ain't no Sunday drive! You want out, I'll pull over!" he fired.

Orville returned his dazed stare out the window. It was after all, a scenic route of sorts.
The door swung open and was immediately slammed shut. Delia raced inside and fell across
her bed in tears. She sobbed like a teething baby for several minutes. The familiarity of the 
hotel room gently falling upon her. That Home feeling. It meant more to her in this moment
than anything else in the world. Except for maybe one thing...

She was on fire! Not with flame, but Confusion. It was dark and unrelenting. The undertow
pulling her deeper with every thought. How could she have done it? Regret came calling. It
knocked loudly before bursting its way in, shining the light of the outside world onto Delia's
sins. Could she ever live with herself? Was her life worth what she had done?

Her pillow now soaked in lacerated emotion. She found her calm in this storm. If anyone could
help her make sense of it all, it was Him.

This conversation would not be easy.
EDIT to post 163.

The  - I'm supposed to drive around -  line.

Derp, lol.
EDIT to post 161...

Delia found -- to -- Delia did find

Reads better.
Rivulets of rain poured down the window as Vickie stood gazing hopelessly into the night, her hair matted to her wet face.

"Stop it, Vickie. You knew this was going nowhere."

The tone of Scott's voice had no trace of the future he'd once promised her. The change in him since leaving for college was extreme, and her sweetheart was gone.

"I knew nothing of the sort. You said we'd be together, and someday we'd marry. Someday we'd have a home, and a family. I believed you wanted that. I really believed it," her voice broke into a sob.

Scott walked toward her as he put on his jacket. "I do want those things, Vickie. I just don't want them right now."

She turned to face the troubled shadow of the man she'd once known. "You just don't want them with me."

He said nothing.

Vickie knew that things had spiraled out of control for him. He was taking some strange new drug that had shown up on the streets. She'd seen him looking at other women. He got drunk every day. Maybe she really had known deep down inside that things were going wrong, but she didn't want to believe it.

Now it was over.

After that night, Vickie decided she would put her every waking moment into her career. The endless hours of pursuit gave her an escape from the seething bitterness that grew and grew, eating a hole through her very core. Everything turned dark and twisted. Inside, Vickie had become an ugly thing. All those years ago, she swore she would never love again, and she didn't. Until...
This is Vickie...
Love for Vickie is a twisted thing. Might as well call her Sickie.
Johnny pulls off onto a slim dirt road and kills the engine. Orville sighs deeply, as is his nature to do.
The two sit briefly as the road's dust settles behind them. Johnny is worried now.

"We've been driving around for two goddamned hours and nothing!" he shouted.

Orville leans forward, resting his sternum against the back of the front seat.

"I thought you said you knew where this place was!" Johnny continued.

With a corrective tone, Orville answered "I said it would be an educated guess as I've never been there!"

They were both wrung out. Each of them at risk of losing a woman they cared very deeply for.
Orville had all but given up on ever seeing Gail again but Johnny held fast, he couldn't throw in
the towel. He couldn't bear the thought. As long as he believed she were alive, then Delia was 
safe, no matter the circumstances. Both hands tightly, Johnny, both hands.
Nice work, MO!! ThumbsUp

I like what you did there! Giving Vickie humanity. The almost likable villain.
People HATE the mobster until they see him cuddling one of his children.

Make them real, but relatable. I can dig it.
(10-29-2020, 06:40 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Love for Vickie is a twisted thing. Might as well call her Sickie.

Sickie Vickie. 

Sounds like a Garbage Pail Kid, lol.
Detective Dempsey opens the door for the worn-looking Orville, who makes his way from
the back seat with moderate difficulty. He slams the door shut and hurries around the car 
to the driver side. Orville stands in the alley, just behind his own vehicle, as the detective
opens the driver's door of the now very dirty police car.

"Are you forgetting something?" asks Orville, who motions to his still cuffed hands.

Johnny stops, reaches into his pocket, finds the keys and tosses them into the air in Orville's
direction. They hit him in the chest and bounce to the ground as Johnny slides behind the wheel.

"How does this help?" yelled the incensed Shotsworth.

Johnny revs the engine. "Figure it out!" he says through the window as he whips from the alley.

Delia is now sitting up in bed, composed but still wrecked inside. Dread coated her thoughts like
a thick, sticky molasses. This was quite the predicament she'd gotten herself into. Her spiral of
worry broken by the loud knock at her door. Who could it be? She knew who she needed it to be.

Johnny was almost out of his body. Standing there, clutching at distant hope, he was in for the 
long-shot. The dark horse destined to lose. He fought tooth and nail to keep hold of every last
ounce of positivity that he could. Raising his arm for a second knock, it was heavy, almost too
heavy to lift. He barely managed.

"Delia? You in there?" he called, in an obviously tortured voice.

Seconds passed. His heart sank. Everything in him felt broken. A building static began buzzing in
his ears. Was he about to faint, or die? And then, every dream he'd ever had came true. The door
pulled open and there she stood. The rest of his life, in a warm blue bath robe. He didn't know if
this was real. His eyes met hers, tears ran down Delia's face as she collapsed into his arms.

That embrace. So life-affirming, yet still ethereal enough to be completely intoxicating. They pulled away
from one another only long enough for Johnny to press his lips against hers. The world could have ended
at that moment and it wouldn't have mattered. Planets colliding, stars being born, nothing could dare
rival this act of Creation. It was something eternally Sacred coming into being. 

It was Destiny.
Johnny and Delia sat facing each other on the side of her bed.
Delia trying to find the words to explain the unbelievable ordeal she had been
through. Johnny's eyes never leaving her angelic beauty. As difficulty swelled and her
struggle became apparent, Johnny leaned in to hug Delia as she again was moved to
tears. Out of the soft, quiet room came a light rapping on the window glass. 

They both turn to see a crouched Orville, smiling and waving from the fire escape.

"What in God's name is he doing here?" asked Delia.

"I guess he figured it out" Johnny said in an amused tone.

Once inside the room, Orville stood beside Johnny at the foot of Delia's bed. Seated, she continued on
with her story.

"As part of the original deal, Vickie wanted me to kill him" she said as she motioned towards Orville.

"Well, nobody would've missed him" Johnny said in that same amused tone.

"I'm standing right here guys" Orville pointed out.

"But she figured it was a waste of time, that he'd do himself in, sooner or later" Delia continued.

"I can see that" Johnny said with a near smile. 

"STILL right here!" exclaimed the peeved Orville. 

But then Delia went on to the more heartbreaking details of her story. At least they would be for Orville.
She stood up and gracefully walked over to him. Looking up into his bloodshot eyes.

"I'm so very sorry" she said as she hugged the towering giant.

Orville lost all color. Not that he had much to begin with, but this drained him. His face now
crumbling under the weight of it all. Sure, he assumed the worst but there was nothing like
cold, hard reality setting in to crush your soul. He couldn't even reciprocate the hug. His breathing
became labored and the dam behind those red eyes gave way to painful rushing waters.

"It was fast, she didn't suffer. I promise you" Delia went on compassionately.

Orville pulled away from the Detective and walked mechanically back to the window, where
he stood looking out over the alleyway.

He wept silently. His only movement being the sobs he couldn't contain. 

Shattered. Thoroughly shattered.
[Three days later]

The new couple were found once again in that old diner, sitting in the same corner booth.
Two black coffees. Only this time, Delia would indulge in a bit of cream. Johnny stared from
across the table, lost in her eyes, as she stirred that cup of Joe, steam still rising.

Delia catches him staring as a tiny smile forms on her flawless face.

"What?" she asks innocently.

Johnny waves it off. "Nothing" he says.

"No, tell me" she replies.

"It's beyond words" Johnny says, his eyes moving the length and breadth of her image.

He was captive in her presence. No defenses. Just surrender. She knew this. And loved him for it.

"I'll be right back" he said, getting up from the booth, walking to the front of the diner.

Delia looked on as he leaned over the counter, talking to the young, pretty waitress. They both smile
as she shakes her head affirmatively before disappearing into the back. Johnny returns to the booth.

"Two-timing me already?" Delia says with an impish grin.

Johnny smiles but says nothing as he looks down into his half-empty coffee cup.
Moments later the young waitress comes walking over, she's got a rather large dish
filled with something akin to a child's party. She sets it down in the middle of the table,
beaming from ear to ear. She turns a casual but nervous glance Johnny's way. He gently
shakes his head as to say yes. The girl smiles bright, turning to Delia.

"Happy Anniversary!!" says the wonderful young lady as she begins quietly clapping.

Delia's eyes grew as big as saucers. Looking up first to the girl, then to her man.

"Congratulations! You are such a beautiful couple!" said the girl.

"Enjoy!" she said before gleefully bouncing away.

They both sat eyeing up the monster of calories placed before them. Delia now with a huge
smile across her face. Johnny's heart was singing.

"I don't understand?" Delia questioned.

"It's been three days. You lost track already?" he poked.

Delia blushed as she reached for one of the spoons sticking out of this gargantuan treat.

It was the biggest banana split she'd ever seen! Six bananas, eight scoops of ice cream, chocolate
and strawberry syrup, chopped nuts and enough whipped cream for a coronary. Topped with what
looked like a dozen cherries. Johnny knew from previous small talk that Delicato loved cherries!

Johnny takes a spoon in hand and they both dig in.

"We won't be able to fit through the door after this!" she exclaimed.

Johnny looked up into those hypnotizing doe eyes.

"That's alright. We'll just stay and have another" he said with deep affection.

"Yeah, I got eyes on her... corner diner... I will." said the gruff voiced man into a pay phone across the street.
[That same day]

"I got everything. You tell me! Whatever you want. I got it!" bragged the shifty man in the dirty alley.

"Pain. What do you have for pain?" asked the man in a solemn tone.

"What kinda pain? Gunshot? Broken leg? Your ol' lady smack you ova the head with somethin?" asked the shifty man.

"I've lost someone" said the alleyway customer.

The grungy looking dope-peddler took a moment to size up the man's needs.

"Ooooh, so your lady ran off with another fella, eh?" he said sure of himself.

This enraged the man in pursuit of relief. He lunged forward, grabbing the scummy little maggot before
him, pushing him forcefully back against the cold, wet brick wall.

"I don't need your bedside manner! Just give me what I fucking need!" demanded the very angry customer.

"OK, ok, take it easy. Shit! That's all you had to say pal, heartbreak. I got ya!" returned the greasy little worm.

He reached into his coat pocket bringing out a small baggie of capsules. Holding them out for the man to see.

"This'll fix you up nice!" he said in a smarmy tone.

The man grabbed the baggie from his palm. Holding it closer to see its contents.

"It's what those Space fucks use, their uh, inoculations or whatever" he went on.

The man reached into his pocket, pulling out a small wad of cash as he stood there in contemplation.

"But this stuff, quadruple the strength! It'll blow your damn socks off!" he said to seal the deal. 

The customer stared down at the illicit substance, then up to the wormy little bastard selling it.
He flung the money at the dirty man and walked away. The alleyway entrepreneur scrambling 
quickly to gather up the bills before they got wet.

"Hey, you need anything else, you come see me! I got it all!" he yelled as the man continued walking away.

The man stopped where the alley opened onto a side street. His Spirit broken. Utterly.
He ran his eyes up and down the scene before him. Not knowing or caring which direction
he would go.

Poor Orville.
I will admit this:

I heard AND read the dope dealer's voice in my kinda-bad New Jersey accent. lol

That's the kinda weirdo you're dealing with here! [Me] lulz
Delia stood at her door, watching as Johnny stepped inside the elevator at the end of the hall.
The doors began to close and she waves enthusiastically. Him smiling back at her.

Entering the room with such buoyancy, she'd have to look far beneath herself to see Cloud Nine.
She takes off her coat and shoes and makes a b-line to the bathroom, where she stands in front
of the mirror. Those gorgeous eyes and ruby-red lips were enough to conquer any man. 

"You said you'd never love again! That it was OVER! Look at you now!" a negative thought rang out.

Delia was given to inner chatter that would sometimes be of the negative sort. She usually fought
it off and made her way forward without issue but that didn't stop it from cropping up now and then.

"You'll just end up with another broken heart. They're all the same! Only after one thing!" said the annoying voice.

But Delia knew this time was different. The feeling of electricity that coursed through her at every minute
of the day. Every thought of him loosing a swarm of butterflies in her stomach. Dominating her every waking
moment. Seeping into her dreams. No, there was a ground up difference with this man. Her Johnny.

"Give it time, sweetie, you'll see that I'm right. As always." the voice said with confidence.

Delia, now scowling into the mirror, gave chase to the Debbie Downer in her head.

"Shut up, you. A girl has to live!" she popped aloud with a smile in the otherwise empty bathroom.

Feeling a victory, Delia got ready for her shower.
The old car puttered along. Slowing to a stop as the driver looked out over the pristine 
grounds of a lovely home. Memories came flooding back. Not so much of this place but
of the person it belonged to. 

The driver: Orville. The home: Gail's. At least when she was among the living.

Sitting there in reverent silence, Orville felt a tear cascading down his worn face.
He revved the engine and headed to the back entry of the home. He needed closure.

Parking his junker off the back path in a grove of oak trees, he cautiously walked the
well-trodden dirt trail that led up to the backyard of Gail's former residence. Throttled from
heartbreak, woozy from the pills, he staggered steadily on until reaching the back patio doors.

She never locked them. It was always in anticipation of an unannounced visit from him. 
He looked around before entering, checking the coast was clear. How terrible it would be
to be found entering the home of a dead woman. Orville slid inside and closed the doors
behind him.

On the kitchen countertop sat the tray holding the partially-filled glasses of lemonade and remnants
of shortbread cookies Gail served that day. The ones he didn't devour. More tears began falling. 
Stomach knotting. This drug wasn't helping anything yet.

"Why did I come here?" he thought as he looked around the room.

He continued onward to the hallway. Standing there, looking at the fine curved staircase extending
upwards, he knew he had to do it. Climbing those stairs felt like marching to his own death. But he'd
come this far. No time for half measures now.

The second floor was just as beautiful as the first. He never saw the upstairs. His business there
was always conducted and concluded in the kitchen. This was all new to him. 

He stood shaking. Seeing it there, at the end of the hallway. Her bedroom. He dared not.
Tears now flooding, his body convulsing. Would this be the closure he so desperately desired?

The room was fresh and there was an abundance of daylight shining through the tall windows.
Her bed was neatly made. Undoubtedly due to her always sleeping on the living room couch.

Orville knelt beside the bed. Running his hand along the fluffy, quilted comforter. He could hear
her saying it now... "Keep your filthy mitts off my nice clean things you rogue!" as an errant laugh
fought its way through his torment.

He looked over at her nightstand. It was all but bare, save for an unplugged alarm clock. He felt
the pull. It was clawing its way out of him. Could he bear it? Even a quick glance? In for a penny,
in for a pound his grandfather always said. Orville then very carefully opened the top drawer.

There was nothing inside to raise much suspicion. But sitting on top was an address book, or diary.
His eyes danced all over it for several seconds before touching it. The cold leather binding sent
a shot of electricity into his fingers. So much so that he pulled away. Gathering the courage, he
reached inside to grab hold and remove it.

He couldn't. He just couldn't. But he did! His heart was fluttering a mile a minute. Drug or no, he
was red-lining. And in that moment he cracked the book open. Somewhere in the middle, amidst
a page full of scribbling. His eyes catching a word very familiar to him.

It was his name.
Orville sat looking over at the diary that was now lying on his passenger seat. He needed to find
a safe, quiet place to pore over its contents. The old stand-by it was!

"NO TRESPASSING" read the big sign affixed to the new padlocked gates of the old airstrip.

"Damn" he thought as he kicked the fencing. If ever he needed the seclusion offered there, 
it was now. He tried to think of any other location that would provide him the privacy he required. 
Eureka! He knew of just the place! It had been years since his last visit there but it was worth a try.

Orville hastily piled back into his old clunker and was on his way!

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