Charlie's Angels - Review & Commentary
So I ended up watching the 2019 Charlie's Angels, and it was actually kind of enjoyable beyond the HORRIBAD and I do mean HORRIBAD feminazi bullshit.

They actually said some VERY interesting things in the movie, in fact, it made me glad I didn't even commentate on the movie (I figured it'd suck too hard, lmao, JBH) because the shit was a little too real, lmfao! I was like "DAMN, I can't believe this right now."

Definitely watch the new Charlie's Angels (2019) if you're ever MEGGGAAAA bored or just hard up, or on the off chance you actually happen to be a fan of anyone in the movie.
Quote:I'm eating a bowl of spaghetti, but I used Manwich sauce.

This made me so happy that I immediately stood up, and then just as immediately sat back down because my body was like "no, I need to sit to process this greatness". It happened so quickly that it felt like a sped-up jerky scene out of a Charlie Chaplin silent film. 

Quote:Crispin Glover

First of all... I mean... Crispin fucking Glover. Second, and to your point about how much the world has changed since this aired in 2k... just... Crispin fucking Glover was in the film adaptation of the 70's TV show "Charlies Angels".

With fucking Drew Barrymore. 

I feel like this all speaks for itself in ways that I can't really add to. It's just there's been SO much evolution in terms of pop culture and media, that I can't even begin to know where to start on this.

And by "I can't", I mean...

I Can't

Crispin fucking Glover was IN a fucking Charlie's Angels reboot with the big A-list star of the movie, Drew motherfucking Barrymore. In the year 2000. 

What The Fuck

Quote:Cheryl > Farrah

Quote:Bill Murray

JESUS CHRIST...  I totally forgot he was in this. Good lord...

Quote:Charlie's Angels (1976)  --  Tommy Lee Jones

1970's Tommy Lee??? TIME FOR A DEEP DIVE. Fuck me. By the way... how amazing is it the way this man reinvents himself every decade? He always feels like he just got off the Hollywood Station Greyhound from bumfuck Ohio and he's this new actor in some pivotal role, every time he steps on a set. It's pretty formidable, in terms of the longevity and the ever-present freshness.

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