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(05-29-2021, 01:28 PM)GG Wrote: What kind of glasses are those with the yellow lenses? Those are great. They fit you. Are they blue-blockers?

No, they are just regular (prescription) tinted lenses, you can get them in lots of colors. They're referred to as 'sunglasses' kinda lenses on Zenni Optical, but I don't consider them sunglasses really (unless they're yellow like aviator glasses) and they come in lots of colors, so it's more of a fashion thing.

I am partial to their orange and fuchsia tints these days but they still have yellow too.

They changed their color lenses system recently and the colors are not as intense and good as they used to be. All the fashion colors are a lot more muted now. I guess people didn't like the hardcore colors like the pink lenses because they're too intense, but I loved them. They need to bring all their old options back and keep the new ones too.

I'm actually getting new glasses from Zenni in a week or so and I'm stoked, these are pink/purple/black frames with fuschia lenses, and there are some sunglasses in there too with an indigo mirror lens finish.

Everything truly does look better through rose colored glasses. I love my intense pink lenses I got from Zenni years ago before they took away the option. It may sound crazy, but a true hot pink lens, once you get used to it, is the way the world is supposed to look. Even your own skin will look better under the pink lens. If you ever get the chance, try out wearing some pink lenses for a day, it's absolutely beautiful.
Zenni does offer blue blockers but I've never had those (hmm, actually I think I had a pair and found the vision sorta funky through them, but it could have been one of my other prescriptions too)...

I kinda think the blue blocking lenses are a conspiracy even though I am publicly totally against blue tones of light...
I have probably about 3 dozen pairs of glasses from Zenni that I've ordered over the years.
I need to check Zenni out.
(05-29-2021, 05:22 PM)GG Wrote: I need to check Zenni out.

Me too! MO should get a free pair of glasses for this.
Zenni is the best online store for glasses at this time. They've increased their prices a bit in the past few years.
But they're still quite cheap, I always sort by the cheapest frames!
(05-29-2021, 07:49 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeah short hair is better hair for essentially an unlimited amount of reasons, but unfortunately right now I'm plagued with shoulder length hair.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
The only time I've ever seen you with long hair is in one of your more recent Patreon videos. It was like "hi, I can't breathe because my nervous system has been totally arrested" level of beautiful. 

I've always thought if I was a woman I would be totally bald on top, but then have this massive unkempt bush, and I'd wear really tiny bathing suits that light up, and I would speak in a kind of futuristic monotone. 

Just found out that Patreon takes Paypal, so I'm back without having to wait on the mail.

I just messaged you about something related to the subject of DAO's... I'm feeling really energized about it... you'll have to wade through or get past my love letter inspired by your new lizard/space video.

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