OMG! In ER now 4 1/2 hours for what's suspected to be a hernia
Sad Nana 
Golf ball size lump/bulge poking out.  Hurts like hell!

Got pee sample taken and blood drawn. STILL in the lobby though. 

Funny thing is, only like 10 people here waiting over the last 5

I'll update soon....I hope!!

-follow me-
Funny thing is, I wear a copper bracelet on my right arm.

They could not draw any blood from 2 places in my right arm or right hand, no blood would come out!

They then tried on my left arm ( no copper bracelet) , blood came out in 3 viles fine with no problem at all!!!!!

Weird. The nurses thought so too.
-follow me-
Dude if you can sneak up to the intensive care and take pictures of empty rooms and idled ventilators or dancing nurses that would be great

Or even a cute candy striper
Hope everything is OK.
8 hours later.....

Not serious, no complications, HURTS LIKE HELL!!

I Call tomorrow to make appointment with a surgeon to do some cutting.

Have script for percoset for pain....but still HURTS!!!

On a positive note, they gave me a Covid test.

I'll update in the morning after I call surgeon.
-follow me-
Incase I don't make it, and I'm givin my last final wishes before I die, it will be I want to meet MO, hug her and kiss her.

Then I'll pass peacefully.

-follow me-
If you want to make the most of the pain overnight you could watch videos like this one on repeat, clockwork orange style.
So they made you test for the CV then?

Did you read any paperwork to see if it was mandatory or something?

Did they tell you it was optional or anything??
Hernias are bad bro...

Did you lift something super heavy??

Don't do that, man.
You have to read everything carefully and be aware of what you're signing.

When you come in and you're all freaked out and in pain, that's when they get ya...

They hand you all that paperwork and you're so fucked up you just sign it all.
If they MAKE you test for the CV and there's nothing that says it's optional...

That means we're screwed. They'll make the vaccine mandatory if you want to receive care.

But with all the complications of the vaccine, it's dangerous to give it to sick people coming in there.

Hopefully that's not where this is going, but there truly is no reason that testing for the CV should be mandatory, especially if you're not being admitted for a hospital stay.

They're running a giant scam.
My appointment is on Monday for hernia. (???)

On the note of Covid test...

No, they did not give me any paperwork to read or sign. They just gave me one because they said I need to take one before any surgery. 
Not an option to say yes or no.
-follow me-
Oh, it happened shoveling heavy snow :(
-follow me-
Well that settles it! Fuck shoveling snow! Next time - blow torch!! ; )

Surgery on Wednesday  :(
-follow me-
Well at least you are getting it fixed fast, 52...

Some people go around with hernias for years.
this poor dude  died in pain , some evil witch nurse at the jail told him to shut up

died of hernia   , nurse thought he was just faking it to go to the ER so he could get more opiates

(01-05-2021, 12:00 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You have to read everything carefully and be aware of what you're signing.

When you come in and you're all freaked out and in pain, that's when they get ya...

They hand you all that paperwork and you're so fucked up you just sign it all.

Listen to this woman when she give this advice. (on this subject specifically...)

Also, NEVER go to the emergency room and get the bottom of the barrel health care providers

who couldn't hack it in private practice or do their residency as a specialist. 

Hernia's aren't an emergency. 

Go to a private practice GP; he or she will refer you to a GI specialist and
then you'll get your lacroscopic hernia repair using a pelvic mesh. Do your research on the types of mesh

Sometimes you go into the hospital and you don't come out if you don't let them know who's in charge. 
Doctor aren't actually that "smart" just educated an extra 8 years than you are and they have God complexes
so you'll have to be pretty firm with a doc and know the law (like that's making any difference these days).

If the hernia is on the upper right side most likely a hiatal hernia. 

The bad thing about the operation is after it's over. There's no big scars or anything like that makes a difference but
you're in such tremendous pain,  you think what you had that required Percocet's hurt- wait till you try to breath after
the the danger lies really in the amount and dosage of opiates you'll be prescribed. 

Seriously. Pain isn't a reason to go to an emergency room. 
Get sauced. Wake up, make an appointment with your PCP. In the mean time, have fun pushing in your literal shit (bulging large intestines')
It looks weird, feels bad at first. 

Most likely you were born with a tear between the muscles over your stomach region and it slowly came together but never fully fused the
tissue which made a weak spot. 

Avoid hospitals and government offices including law enforcement. 

We made it through the 1800's without their shit, we'll make it through this plandemic without their shit.  

Mister Obvious said something about read before you sign... hmm. The fucked up thing is you have to "consent to receive medical treatment" and that's
a pretty broad thing. If you consent, and their medical aid isn't congruent with what you believe or know to be good for  you, legally they can
do a lot of things without consent on specificities of treatment.

One such thing conducted in the early 2000's was project polyheme. (scrubbed from the net). 
20 Hospitals in the U.S. agreed and polyheme was/is a blood substitue designed for soldiers on the battlefield. 

It's black in color, has a 12 month shelf life and doesn't require refrigeration and is synthetic. The project allowed the hospitals to give infusions to 
patients without their knowledge or consent in the event they required additional blood from loss of original red blood cells. 

It's imperative people read and research before they take any prescribed drug (unless it's something relatively mild like amoxycillin.)

Two weeks of Vicodin ( they'll give you PLENTY ) and you should be fully recovered....wean yourself off that shit.
Abrupt cessation will have you thinking bad thoughts, feeling bad emotions and disrupt mental stability due to opiate addiction. 

Good luck!
Out of surgery. 

Went good!

Going to get a haircut!

-follow me-
Glad to hear it! Take care and enjoy a slow and FULL recovery!

And stay away from that damned snow shovel! lol

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