What can I say?

Neopets. Nostalgia. Internet heaven.

Launched in 1999, sold in 2005 for $160 million...

Neopets was the first super popular virtual pet website on the internet.

Unlike most people who got their start on Neopets when they were little kids in 1999 and the early 2000s, I got my start on Neopets after 2010, when I was 20!

LOL. But I loved it with intensity and it was one of the last things I can remember feeling that way about...

It came nearly a decade after some of my internet first loves, and just a year or so after my passion for World of Warcraft sparked off in 2009.

After Neopets (and WoW) and the hardcore obsession that followed my discovery of them, I have never really been able to obsess on a video game again... I just don't think it's something you can do too many times in life.

Recent changes to the Neopets site have prompted me to make this thread.

Neopets was HEAVY on flash games, it was nearly their entire infrastructure. Now that flash is sort of a thing of the past, they have been transitioning their site (its games) away from flash, and that's a big deal for a site like Neopets.

They've tried to freshen up the general layout of the site...

And as a harsh critic, I will say that it's not so bad. It's actually totally fine.

They recently rolled out some very cute merch available through various stores, and I think that's a good sign...

Doesn't look like they're folding, doesn't look like they're hanging up their hats and giving up on Neopets. Looks like they're trying to genuinely improve it and maybe even get some new people interested in the site/game by way of the merch.

Neopets will always be a niche, and it's driven on nostalgia for the most part... I don't think it'll ever have a big boom again (depends, it could). But I do hope they are able to keep it running well into the future, and hopefully always.

It's an important internet landmark.

I always wanted to have a virtual pet site or some kind of RPG site of my own. Kind of like an ode to the old days of the internet when sites were sorta built differently... more intentionally pieced together and linked through individual pages rather than menu layouts. Like an easter egg hunt.

I still want to do that... but really dunno how or what it'd be about, and perhaps most importantly, just don't know if I have enough time left in life to devote to it.

Anyway, this is a thread about my love for Neopets.

A few of my hopes for the future of Neopets would be that they throw on some SSL, and continue updating the profile pages etc. to match the new format.
I thought you were talking about these electronic keychain pets at first.

(01-13-2021, 06:33 PM)Devastatia Wrote: I thought you were talking about these electronic keychain pets at first.

You can buy them in quantity for 90 cents or less now. LOL

Tamagotchi/Gigapets came before Neopets...

I like digital pets of all kinds, but especially Tamagotchi.
teh mama gotchi on a leash

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