Freaky Friday (1976) - Review & Commentary

0:27 wow this animated opening is something else.

3:08 wow this theme song is really wholesome and whatnot.

I'm stoked on this movie for sure. I haven't seen it in a blue million years.

3:26 dude look at this clock. This shot right here epitomizes the '70s.

3:42 that's a nice nightstand.

3:45 okay I can tell from the tone of voice that this is gonna be one of them thar lil sassy comedy movies.

4:42 that kid's gotta be a Virgo.

5:00 honestly, I think this movie is hysterically funny so far?!

You have to really pay attention to it though because almost every scene is packed with something that is supposed to be important, funny, or at least convey something specific.

6:50 dude her mom is CRAZY HOT. WTF! Barbara Harris: I don't think I've ever seen her besides this movie!!! I don't recognize any of the stuff she's known for in her Wiki bio. Only this movie!!! Oh actually she does look familiar in some of those pics. Hmmm, dunno what else I'd have seen her in. She is just so gorgeous.

8:25 wow I haven't seen John Astin in a long time. And this movie is just sooo '70s. I love it!!!

9:55 Jodie Foster has always been such a great actress.

12:10 dude OMG. That's her DAD in the OTHER ROOM. She's in HER MOM'S BODY!!! THIS IS FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!

13:10 dude this movie's CRAZYYYYY AHAHAHA!!!

13:16 whoa am I wrong or does Jodie Foster look like Kurt Cobain?!?

14:44 that's some kinda weird creepy devil bed!!!

15:25 well that's a friendly way of telling him he's fucking boring.

18:00 that one girl's red pants are super awesome, I'd totally wear those, sooo '70s!!!

19:50 skateboarders are such hoodlums!

19:58 that's a bitchin' paisley tie.

24:35 OMG look at that baller washing machine, it's that iconic '70s green, holy shit!!!

25:50 gosh I wish they hadn't done that awful makeup on the mom actress, why couldn't they just leave her normal lookin'?!

26:08 kids' shows have always been so creepy.

27:30 this is actually one of the only scenes I remember from this movie.

31:20 wow, listen to this awesome '70s music. Imagine if you could just turn on the radio and hear that kind of music playing all the time.

35:55 lmfao what a disaster! Rofl awe I feel bad for her!

39:10 I'd have to kick this old bitch out of my house!!!

59:00 dude this game is violent as fuck! 59:12 WTF!?!

59:55 that outfit her brother is wearing is so pure and total '70s. This is one of the most intensely '70s movies I've ever seen.

1:04:40 you totally can.

1:09:00 lmfao she looks more homely every time, I love it!!! This really is a great little movie.

1:16:08 "Too darned attentive, I'd say." Roflmfao.

1:24:25 whoa dude this movie really is a trip, it's kind of amazing.

I didn't have all that much to say about it, but I did enjoy it a lot.
LOL. She was "Fanny Eubanks" in "Dity, Rotten Scoundrels".

I've had that "Family Plot" movie saved on Bitchute to watch for the longest time now.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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