Disclosure & Attention Diversion: What are we missing, and what is the real story?
You know what, there ARE aliens but they're way cooler than all this disclosure horseshit. Aliens aren't touching any of this crap with a ten-foot tentacled cock.

Humans all by themselves are vastly more interesting and cool than whatever all this disclosure bullshit is. Not even a contest. FUCK disclosure. We don't need it. It's too little too late, with emphasis on too little. Sorry fuckfaces, no one gives a damp FUCK about your "data" anymore. Take your circle jerk into the woods and try to find sasqautch, bitches.
It's just crazy to me, I cannot lie.

It is fucking crazy to me what a dud LITERAL DISCLOSURE has been.

Maybe that's why they pulled the whole CV worldwide psy-op to tire everyone the fuck out and get 'em chasing shadows...

When this shit came out, everyone was already spent.
That's just food for thought though, just something to consider.

I'm not saying that's what happened, but I do think it's plausible.
Think about it though, people are still doomgasming, shooting their wads all over the place over this vax shit, scared it's getting mandated, scared this, scared that...

Everyone's energy is STILL getting wasted on it.

So I dunno...

What's the other hand doing? I'm just saying.
(07-11-2021, 04:32 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: It's just crazy to me, I cannot lie.

It is fucking crazy to me what a dud LITERAL DISCLOSURE has been.

The problem is, we're so excited about this angle: 

Disclosure & Attention Diversion: What are we missing, and what is the real story? (sectual.com)

And of course mainstream media is not going there. You were calling that out of the gate. That was the crux of the beginning of the thread-- why aren't people freaking out; it's because their idea of aliens is kind of lame. People are getting all bug eyed over grainy radar footage and these little drone-like crafts, while we're sitting here waiting for the big interdimensional reveal. When you're about consciousness and the subtle worlds of the imagination, and the potential majesty of having your imagination blown the fuck away by something truly cosmic, hearing about radar data and seeing blinking blips in a sea of pixelated static just can't hope to compete.
Yep, well said... and really, we have been conditioned by all forms of media for decades to be desensitized to this point.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

My first thought was he kind of reminds me of Palpatine, but he seems to have a genuine warmth.

He leads into the subject in an intelligent manner. He's not trying to drill God into the picture, he's just letting it take shape as he speaks. 

6:35 Spank it, preacher. SPANK IT.

7:20 he talks about why we are entering a period of disclosure, which leads to a legit Yoda impersonation. 

9:04 He starts talking about the Greys. He very clearly does not think they're in any way "good". 

But he thinks it's good to talk about them, which he sums up thusly:

"When salvation comes from this study (of UFOs), there's a purpose. If all we're wanting to do is feel like we've come back from the twilight zone after church today, we haven't accomplished much". 

Followed by the sermon's first quoting from the bible: 

"Put on the whole armor of God
That you may be able to stand
Against the wiles of
The Devil.
For we do not wrestle 
Against flesh and blood, but
Against principalities, against
Powers; against the 
Rulers of the darkness of this age;
Against spiritual hosts of wickedness
In the heavenly 

He asks: 
"Are they good? Are they bad?
Are they with God or the Devil"

The answer is, ostensibly: it depends on the being. 

"Don't be drawn away from the simplicity of Christ. 
Anytime we start complicating things, that's not God."

Second quote:
"And it is no wonder that 
Satan tries to make himself look
Like an angel of light."

WOW, at 14:55 he says exactly the same thing the Navajo Indian was saying! It's literally the identical message.
Navajo Traditional Teachings (sectual.com) )

Which dovetails into him saying that those who think the greys are good are deceived. 

"Are (the greys) real? Do they exist? We have to ask ourselves this question all the time. 
Yes, they are real. Yes, they exist.  (pause) 
And you can take that to the bank."

I swear I thought he was going to say "and you can take that shit to the bank", with the amount of moxie he was rolling with.

"But what are they... and what is their purpose?" 

He recalls a dream of God. Minus a little mental flub, it was a great story. 

He goes back to the idea of simplicity, and throws in some humility about his station:
"the answers are so simple. Kind of like the gospel. The gospel is simple. It takes a 
preacher to complicate it."

28:45 This was an interesting bit. "Why do we need this 94 billion light-year-across universe that we have? Because you're going to live a long time. You're going to live, not millions, not trillions; but a trillion to the trillionth years." He indicates that he believes that there are multiple universes. 

Just hit the thirty minute mark. My work here is done. Gonna watch the rest of it without comment.
The first of four installments of JJ Abrams' new UFO doc was uploaded to Youtube by Showtime, and it's free. It's an hour long. One takeaway is - god damn there's some footage in it I've never seen before. Some of the shit is the same shit we've been seeing/hearing for the past three or four years ("look at that thing... it's rotating! derrrrp!"), but it's peppered with totally new stuff. Plus the production values are higher than most if not all of the crap that's been coming out.

Let me add: probably not worth the hour of life it takes to watch unless you're a total ufo geek.
@53 min. The chanting and prepping the sheep to embrace bizarre aliens/reptilians
One thing I do like about the JJ Abrams ufo doc is it totally focuses on women who are involved, mostly journalists, without advertising that or even referencing it.

There's a marked difference between what the sausage-fest that we're all used to seeing focuses on, and what the women focus on.

The usual players are all male, and they focus on the technology, the proximity to military installations, (war and tech), and the women focus on the people, and how it effects us culturally, and what the significant aspects of the phenomenon are that would be important to us emotionally, if proven to be of alien origin.

So that human element yields a far more nuanced and compelling narrative, or at the very least it's different than what has become the norm.

Admittedly, I might be bringing some of this to the table in my own head, and giving the doc a bit too much cred.
It just occured to me that the Ancient Aliens might actually have been mining fool's gold for the iron pyrite crystals and not actual gold.


Look at all that cubic goodness.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I wonder what tools they were using?
(09-14-2021, 04:08 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: It just occured to me that the Ancient Aliens might actually have been mining fool's gold for the iron pyrite crystals and not actual gold.


Look at all that cubic goodness.

Tnx f sharing

(04-15-2021, 07:30 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: So much going on...

Wars/rumors of wars, UFO disclosure, corrupt governments, you name it, it's happening NOW.

What stories are being pumped the most in the media? Those are the most BS stories.

What's barely being discussed, what's flying under the radar? As in, they're talking about it, but not enough...

That's where the real story is...

Right now, it's FUCKIN' DISCLOSURE.

Literal disclosure of UFOs! And yet somehow the top most discussed news is Russia, and some stone aged race bullshit.

(To be fair....to be fair...to be fairrrrrr! All the above you quoted were already talked about and known and even in the msm ten years ago.)

The Israeli Space guy who claimed of an "intergalactic federation" of ETs offered ZERO proof. It was just to grab headlines and done one week before the election. 

Regardless of anything else, UFOS ARE BEING SHOWN ON THE FUCKING NEWS. LMFAO!!!!!
If they're being shown on the news, it's because whomever owns the news is telling them too. 
There's always been UFO's making msmedia but not at this level. Remember; you/me/we don't control the media and of course they have an agenda. 
I'm a skeptic. I want to see proof other than flying balls of light and things which can be replicated using standard pranking
like drones, etc. 

Show me E.T. Show me a craft not in flight. Then I'll be a bit open minded. 

Aliens have always been a plot device and the first one to use it, I think, was the guy that wrote War of the Worlds. 
In the book preface, the author explains that the "aliens" are imperialists who crossed the Saharan desert to travel to sub Saharan Africa where they met jungles and people with germs their immune systems weren't ready for and many died as a results, hence the film of puny humans with unsophisticated technology (jungle Africans) defeated the vast force of invading aliens with superior technology (imperialists with guns) due to a simple germ-just like the movie. 

Yes, I know about all the other evidence to support theories of non-terrestrial, possibly space based entities but sometimes I think it was just art done by primitive people trying to make contact with a creator. 

The only thing I think that would support the existence of "aliens" is our rate of technology seems almost super/non-human. 

If aliens exist and they have craft that can do this and that... why can't they keep from crashing in deserts, why can't they develop a decent cloaking device, if they want us to see them what is the motivation? 

If you want to see a bunch of aliens, go to Texas. They're hard workers. There's a lot of unexplained phenomenon but nothing that can't be 'some' country's technology. I've seen craft that someone would call a UFO but I'm more inclined to believe it was a top secret military craft. My parents used to go watch black, triangular craft on an air base way when and said they didn't make sound. 

It would be nice to think of ET coming to rescue us but Dues Ex Machina seems more realistic; a computer with the power like that of a deity in terms of being able to answer, fix and if need be, create problems.  

If ETs do exist, they don't like humans. Look at the world. Does this look like a world being helped by "aliens from outer-space?" Not unless you're super rich maybe...

Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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