I will not reproduce.
(04-24-2021, 10:12 AM)ELFUNGUSMAXIMUS Wrote: Do you actually eat popcorn? Cos if you did, we would have to sing the corny corny holes song?


I laid off the popcorn for about a year solid, but I've had a few bags recently.

I get the mini bags from Orville Redenbacher.
I dunno why people eat corn period. It just comes out ya bum the same way it went in.
Popped corn the same shit.
What nutrient capacity could that have? I mean moonshiners make booze out of corn.
Cornflour now that's a different thing. You can make corn bread and corn tortillas.
What you need young lady is a sense of purpose and belonging. Join us today and regain your trust in the better segments of society and we can put a more super bun in your oven

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