Can hardly stand wearing my glasses anymore...
I wear a prescription that is about 8 years old, and it's the best prescription I have ever had.

I have had about 4 different prescriptions since then, and for one reason or another, I just cannot wear any of the new ones.

Here is my previous thread about eyesight, the sharpness of vision, and why I don't wear contacts:

Now it's to the point that even my original 8 year old prescription looks too sharp when I put it on.

I have been going around without glasses (except for when I'm driving or something) and it feels a lot better, but it is a bit annoying when I'm trying to read.

If I put the glasses on though? I can barely stand it. I'd rather have it up to my face and have to read it up close than wear my glasses and sit back and be able to read.

I dunno what's going on but something's going on for sure.

I have been supplementing with a lot of biotin lately, wonder if that has any effect on the eyes?

I still consider myself to have pretty damn blurry vision, I can't really see people's faces until I'm 3 ft. away or so. But I gotta wonder if maybe my sight is improving.
Everything just looks so fkn bright and sharp with glasses on. Makes me feel all sick and weird.
It just gets back to what I was saying in the other thread...

We're obviously meant to see the world in different ways based upon our natural eyesight.

Who's to say what the right way is to see the world?

Hard to live by that principle though since it's society's standard to correct the vision.

So I'm just ditching the glasses while I hang around the house, and since it's a familiar environment it's easy for me to navigate, I don't need to wear them anyway.

It's been interesting to go mostly without glasses for the past week or so though... I am still trying to decipher the meaning behind it all.

I'll have to make it a point to put on the glasses at least once a day and do an inspection and make sure things are clean and whatnot though, because I can't really see dirt on the floor or the table, can't really see what I look like in the mirror that clearly, so on.
(04-25-2021, 10:50 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Everything just looks so fkn bright and sharp with glasses on. Makes me feel all sick and weird.

Could be stigma, or it could be the modern iteration of lenses. Some lenses are great for driving at night but out in the sunlight it's overkill, and some are almost like sunglasses during the day, but less visibility at night. I just bought some new glasses last week especially for better night visibility since I drive a lot, and my night vision is close to blindness, lol. But during the day it's like 'ouch' depending on the angle of the sun and so forth. It's irritating af. Also, I can't see my computer or phone with my new glasses, so, like you I also have a far older prescription I keep around because I need them to be able to be online and so forth. 

Also I notice newer lenses get dirty or fogged way more easily than my old lenses. My old lenses were straight up glass; this new shit is some kind of hybrid alloy shit and it's like the air itself is leaving fingerprints on them. I've gone from cleaning lenses once a day to once every 30 minutes. Da fuck??
Well put ya blue contacts on faker lol Big Grin
And your emotes no longer work on Firefox.
And your scripts are trusted, expect the google one.
I bet its more romantic with blurry vision too . kinda like drinking a case of beer so my dates look like supermodels
My glasses are over 4 years old and completely useless except for driving.
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
Yeah and I don't even need glasses but I have amblyopia and can back a truck and trailer in the pissing down rain and snow up a mud track to a building site.
So clearly both you Lesbains are totally defective and defunged.
I need prescription glasses the pair I have now are OK, veri focals and react to light next time I get a set going for polarised lenses just need to save up the pennies first.
Guest are you talking strictly about needing sunglasses?

It's really hard to see indoors with polarized lenses so their use is mostly outside.

I just wanted to be clear about that, lol.
Lesbains? LOL!

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