Kate McKinnon is hot as fuck...
I know SNL is pure propagandist filth these days, and I'm certain her politics are sheer cancer...

But my God she is a FUNNY sexy bitch...

I haven't even watched this vid, it's just an example of how hot she is...

Kate fucking McKinnon.
I think she's very talented.

I've heard SNL is actually not a fun place to work and it's an extremely high strung environment.
She's a natural talent though, wonderful comedy... she is very good.
I mostly like her because she reminds me of myself.
At least I'm honest.
I went on an SNL bender for a few months back at the end of 2020 and I found her then.

I don't think I posted many of the vids I watched during that time...

This one is quite possibly the funniest...

Cecily Strong is totally fucking amazing in that skit too, she's also a great talent and very pretty.
Quote:She does not have any social media accounts, citing fear that she will "misrepresent [her] real feelings".


Wise choice...

If I could read her libtard spew all over Twitter like I can with every other hollywood puppet out there, I would think she was way, way less hot.
She is easily the best thing happening on SNL. 

Anyone remember Stephnie Weir (Mad TV)? She was pretty good, too. 

Let me just be clear...

Liking someone from any recent SNL cast lineup is rare, lol.

I consider recent SNL to be the past ~15 years...

There are a few likeable folks on the cast, Pete Davidson is actually one.

All in all? SNL is nothing more than a horrible propaganda machine these days, but it used to be great.
Pete Davidson is actually super funny and great too.

The tattoos have been a limitation though...

Just because of makeup and whatnot.

I heard he was removing them which is smart but...

Time consuming, uncomfy, lots of money...

He should just go for the most visible ones.
Her teeth are pretty big and she looks old for her age. It also looks like she dyes her hair, probably not natural. Take the makeup up off and you've got an average bar hoe. I give her a 6.5 out of 10.
I dunno, maybe you're BOTH gay!!!
I don't think she looks old for her age but if she does it's probably from working at SNL!!!
She's been on the show for like 9 years.
She can be funny . unfortunately the comedy well has been poisoned with politics like you sayd momo. what we need is a giant earthquake during a state of union speech to make the haha come back

Fkn lol, I mean, it's funny. It is.

Without Cecily Strong, I think these skits would be less funny.

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