Sometimes you just have to stop, and not press on any further...
Nodding Yes 
ROFL okay that sounds bad!

Hear me out though, what I mean is this...

Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is just stop and take pause.

Think about what's going on, whatever it is.

A while ago I was walking around and got this weird cramp that kinda hurt...

And I was like you know what, I'm just gonna stand here until it stops hurting, then I'm going to continue.

So that's what I did, whilst I intentionally had some pleasant thoughts of gratitude for my life etc., and it went away!

Then I continued on, and everything was fine.

I don't think we should ever push ourselves when we know it's not right.

And judgement calls in these instances have to happen pretty quick.

If you push yourself too far, it should only ever be for the right reasons!

Feel free to hug yourself, take a moment, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself, listen, you're a GOOD person and people LIKE you!
Yeah my kitten taught me this . he basically tells me when its naptime and forces me to snuggle . life is short dude lets just chill
Wisest words, but you can't read them from a book, you have to live them to learn them and be them. That is the sad part. If only there was an instruction manual or schematics.

Group Hug
lmao @ bumping this thread
dancing like puppets and wearing masks ,good job little bo peep

I was staring at the girls out on the sports field at the catholic school yesterday and they all had masks on and I thought , wow that must give the elites giant boners

*deep cringe*
What about popsicles and ice cream cones. I feel really pressured to finish them quickly.

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