The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Thread
For the novice:

What Is a DAO? | CoinMarketCap

How it applies to crypto is all I care about. 

What makes a strong core group? What/who would you want in your group to maximize potential? What would the various "portfolios" of the members look like? NFT-friendly artist? Elite coder? Money person for investment? 

I want to talk about this because my head is still so steeped in meat-world constructs. 

When I think of a cold vs warm wallet, I think "Savings Account vs Debit Card", and I don't think that's the right way of looking at it. 

Wash away previous conventions and view it fresh with childlike wonder, or like an artist staring at a blank canvas and feeling the penetrating rush of creative intelligence flowing in.
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
I was expecting this video to just be a bunch of hilarity and not a lot of education, but once again one of the Paul brothers has surprised me by providing me a simple piece of information that helped me put more puzzle pieces together. I first learned about NFT's listening to Logan Paul try and explain the concept of it to a totally clueless David Spade (of SNL fame back in the day) on the Clubhouse app, and that's what triggered my interest, rather fiercely, and now his brother dropped a nugget. It was such a simple and obvious observation, and yet it triggered a big light bulb for me.

The nugget was simply that NFT art is or tends to be multimedia; sound, animation, storytelling, and it's programmable, malleable (which is a fucking great word for this, actually, absolutely perfect), meaning that it isn't just multimedia upon creation, but that it's very fucking TRAJECTORY IS MULTIMEDIA, and the potential is infinite, or will go as far as people want it to, whatever that trajectory BECOMES. 

This makes me think of a DAO on another level. I had been thinking about it like a band; like 5 or so people, each one with a different skillset brought to the table to create an NFT empire, but now I'm seeing it as more of a kind of mini society through which NFT 'products' can be moved and shaped and grown, until they become worlds unto themselves, if you will, then then give birth to new worlds, not unlike a fractal.

Whenever I see Jake "Pump 'n Dump" Paul, I know to take what I'm hearing with a grain of salt.
I was careful to indicate that it surprises me.
At any rate, the video has another value, which is that it’s hilarious to watch Tim attacking the audience, especially in the second half of the video.
This whole entire crypto boom is about to be pure insanity.
(06-06-2021, 01:28 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: This whole entire crypto boom is about to be pure insanity.

I have this whole insane idea about where it's all heading, eventually, which has something to do with engrams of our personalities existing in purely digital territory as fully sentient AI, and your station in that domain will depend on how you behaved in the meat-world, "so be good for goodness sake". It's not a very practical idea, sounds more like something out of a cyber-noir novel than anything applicable to putting food on the table and generally being of service to humanity.
We have all already done enough on the internet to make ourselves completely open to impersonation by AI. Especially those of us who like to write.

I've talked about this concept before... it would allow you to chat with people even if they were dead, of course you'd be "playing the computer", but it may be a pretty decent impersonation.

Depends on the amount of info the AI has to work with.

I have tried to do my best to address most of the things that come into my mind... whatever I haven't said publicly probably shouldn't be in there anyway.
Current AI has severe Asperger's. I think it'll be quite some time before it will be able to mimic a brilliant personality.
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
Yeah Dev, I think you are probably correct.

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