If I start to look like Christopher Walken the older I get...
Dancing Banana 
Is that an advantage...

Or is that an ADVANTAGE?!


The more you think about it, the more it makes sense.
Try to focus woman amidst you crystal dildos and retro movies...

We need to build catacombs under the desert floor to survive the cataclysm event. We needs a tunnel boring machine bigger than the little beaver but smallee than elons . perhaps 7 ft diameter . lots of fuel maybe a full tanker .

Very select persons only allowed in so we need bouncers at entry : nobody involved in the old ways can enter
Special Women are needed for the rebuilding process. Anything resembling ellen degenerate is not gonna fly.
Some kids can enter if their minds are not polluted
We must have many thousands of seed varieties amd chambers for smaller animals

Donkeys are good in this place for moving materials around
Pets are ok even some older people that are not diseased or dim

If you need to bring a bible or comic books i suppose thats fine but no porn or ornaments celebrating sex will be tolerated.
(06-04-2021, 06:51 PM)Guest Wrote:  cataclysm catacombs.

That's all you had to say, G.
and advance age is advanced and advances bring advantages so older is more advanced is more advantage

machine logic
It's hard to truly express how excited I am about this.
I uh...

Kinda like where this is going!?

ROFL, my face is a little bit thinner now than when I first posted this, but I can still see the resemblance sometimes and when I do, I remember this thread and I just LOSE IT...

Cuz I do think Christopher Walken is pretty damn hot, I mean who doesn't like Christopher Walken??

Roflmfaololol I dunno, the whole thing is just so fucking hilarious to me, but then again I'm easily amused.
All I can think about is that poor salt spoon being covered in raw chicken germs.

Roflmfaolololol, I meeeaaannnn...

Christopher Walken and I have very different cooking styles, but I give him props for this brilliant display of mancooking.
Always been one of my faves. I think he's got a YT channel with several cooking videos.
I may have even posted one on the "This is what YT was made for" thread.

If I didn't I should have.
That vid was so legendary when it first came out because it was sort of in the early days of YouTube when things were hella camp no matter who was involved...

Walken was a hella cool total badass to be in that video.
Everyone was like, "WTF? Is that REALLY Christopher Walken!? It SOUNDS like him!!! It's GOTTA be!!!"

One of those kinda things. So epic.
TBH Walken is probably the only dude on earth over age 70 that I'd actually marry.
I just want that last name!

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