"REAL RAW NEWS" Alternative media site
This website doesn't show up when you search it on Google which makes it interesting enough, let me know what you think




Just reading the URLs I can see it's one of those sites where everyone thinks the crooked politicians have been arrested and Tom Hanks got arrested and put to death in Australia, etc.

This is the leftover of the Q operation, and people legitimately believe this stuff.

The shit Trump is spouting these days??

He clearly just completely threw us all under the bus.
Fuck 'em all.
I know how desperate those who seek truth are but its stunning the things they are willing to overlook such as trumps daddy and his super close ties to the talmudic tribe in new york ...i mean just google talmudic beliefs about non jews, they literally think you are animals to be used just as we use cattle to make hamburgers and hot dogs
Trouble is it takes most people big failure in life to finally take the time and research this stuff
All our bootlicking lawmakers are doing wonderful financially and will never bother wanting to know the dirty truths zero incentive to clean this shit up

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