Society Is Kaput & Other Truths From An Ageless Spirit: Lisl Steiner
Today's medicine...

Oh my God that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. <3

Some of my favorite quotes:

"My parents were so in love that they kindly neglected me."

"The first thing I do in the morning is put my war paint on. I favor right now the look of a Madam in a whore house."

"You only have a problem if you think about it."

"In my bracket of 88, you become more frail and walk like a duck."

"I made love on a mountain I was a horse woman. So when I fall, I fall correctly."

"If you're lucky and have a great analyst, then you're okay; but the great analysts are all dead."
It was one of the most powerful videos I've ever seen... that is an amazing channel. I've seen some videos from it before, but this one changed my life.
Thanks for the life story granny watching the last few minutes
Yeah I know, the last few mins. when she took the dress off were just raw.

She handled it so well. You could tell there was some self-consciousness, but she really did just power through and continue to be so damn... rich.
One of the most enriching videos I've ever seen.
Seeing somebody be that strong changes your life.

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