Navajo Traditional Teachings
Probably never subbed to a channel so fast in all my life.
Do you know the difference between the positive and the negative terminal on a battery?
Obviously you do right?
Well there is your good and evil, it takes 2 to tango.
You ever seen that ancient Chinese symbol? Yin Yang? lol never right?
Well there you have it.

I like this video its pretty cool.
I might watch more of his videos.
I've seen a few of his videos before. Seems like a pretty cool guy.
"I don't like to talk about it because it is something you give power to, when you talk about it."

I had to pause it there and say this is a huge issue for me, as well. I have a really hard time dealing with it or even thinking about it. So I'm interested in hearing how he works around this.

"I have always tried to maintain the teachings (of grandparents and elders)... if it brings joy and happiness, confidence and peace in a good way, that is a thing you're supposed to be looking after. If it's a music that moves you to do good things and think of good thoughts, and think of (family and extended community) in good ways, that is good for you."

Sounds very simple on the surface, but it's a recipe for recognizing what is inherently good or evil, as evil can be disguised as good, but good never as evil. I think that was his basic point.
I can't wait til the nights are cooler so I can have fires. : )
I just found this channel recently as well. Perhaps you are right and the algorithm is no longer under central control and we are getting some truth. Blown away by the soft personal power of this man. So pleased to be able to hear these lessons.
First vid I watched was about the Anasazi and how all the natives of the southwest hated on them and the name Anasazi itself comes from Navajo language meaning "enemies" . Seriously powerful stuff.

(09-06-2021, 11:54 PM)subverted autarch Wrote: Perhaps you are right and the algorithm is no longer under central control and we are getting some truth. 

Right you are.

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