The algorithm has turned against them...
With any luck, AI won’t develop an emotional intelligence without having all five senses that a human has.
There should be no perception on the part of the robot of the passing of time between uses. Say I power it down and it sits in the closet for 3 months. There should be no acknowledgment of that lapsing of time. Things should pick up exactly where they left off.

The worst thing would be for the robot to be aware of that passed time and then get defensive about it, or want to catch up. "Why was I in the closet for 3 months?" Just no.

But some people may WANT to have a robot capable of considering that, and capable of wanting to "catch up"...

Should that be an option?

I don't know that I believe it should. It raises too many emotional issues.

Humans have animals (and each other) to help relieve their loneliness and neediness...

I don't think AI robots should be able to act as emotional dumpsters for humanity.

AI programs can be talked to on a screen about emotional issues, but I do not think it would be appropriate to have an actual physical AI robot be programmed to facilitate emotional usury.

It's veiled abuse to use humans and animals for that purpose... it's wrong to carry over that tendency of human treatment to AI robots as well.

We're trying to improve things and alleviate suffering... not continue it using robots as the dumping ground.

Neediness is a human trait (flaw) and it should not be facilitated in AI bots.
The ALGO is fucked doesn't even work ive messed with it so many times its just redundant.
Its not artificial intelligence its just dumb like the people who wear masks outside when they don't even cop a fine for not wearing them inside.
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Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
LOL. Here's one I got from searching "aliens in the jungle".

It's similar to your Sectual Logo.

*Edit* - Link was too long.
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Awww, Dickie, you're such a sweetheart!!!


You know I hate long links...

Do you see the naked ladies ?
Wow, it's crazy how the slight variations in the angles gives the different body types/shapes.
The Google news feed is always showing me articles about optical illusions so if I hadn't seen a ton of those lately, I probably never would have got it, lmao.
Is there anothe site besides Imgur I can uploads pictures to, because Imgur wants your phone number now?
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Wow I've never heard of Imgur asking for a phone number. Is that for registering? I don't think they require registration.

Looks like a viable alternative, no registry required... I've never used it though.
Here's the Sectual Logo one in the jungle.
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LOl. "Alien Anal Sex".
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LOL. Enjoy.
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Found your elusive Alien peepee, Fannie.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:
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(06-06-2022, 04:16 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: Here's the Sectual Logo one in the jungle.

It kinda does look like it!!!!!!!!!

(06-06-2022, 04:42 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: LOL. Enjoy.


Tumblr is actually making a resurgence in popularity. I always did like them but they've been making some good moves to improve the site lately and the userbase seems to like it.

(06-06-2022, 06:03 AM)Dark Dick Wrote: Found your elusive Alien peepee, Fannie.

Those last few pics...

I Can't
Alien Anime Girl.
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Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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