The crypto pets industry needs to be revolutionized...
I'm shocked at how hard it is to get a BattlePet. The prices are just dumb as fuck too. Seems like BattlePets was sorta fucked right out of the gate.

Great idea, horrible system and execution. Absolutely horrible and not even worth bothering with. And this is coming from a digital/crypto pets fiend who's been fiending for digital pets since NanoBaby and Tamagotchi came out in the 90s...

Do better.
BattlePets is a fucking joke compared to CryptoKitties which pre-dates it by fucking years.

At least CryptoKitties was totally straightforward, easy, and even economically reasonable to play at the time.
Holy shit.

What a disappointment.

What the fuck is wrong with the crypto world that they aren't working on this shit more??

Doing better, trying harder??



Anybody out there??

Do something.
And let me know when it's fucking done.
It pains me to sit out ANY crypto pet situation that comes on the scene...

I do not like it at all.

But BattlePets? Fucking wow.

Holy shit. What garbage.
I need to be alerted THE INSTANT any new crypto pets situation comes on the scene.

Maybe I should set up a Google alert.
They should have done so much better... God knows surely they could have.
CryptoKitties is still the only fucking WINNING crypto pets system in the whole entire fucking market.

And on every site you ever read mention of it, they talk like it's PAST FUCKING TENSE.

Maybe because gas prices are so unbelievably retarded.

But CryptoKitties ain't going fucking anywhere...

Not under these dismal, dire circumstances.

For real...

If nothing else, it's gonna stay there as a testament to what the crypto pets industry COULD be.

Holy shit...

Do better.
Do fucking better.
It's just unbelievable to me.

Somebody, do something.
Is there anybody here who can enlighten me??

Is there something I'm just missing??

Am I out of touch with current crypto events??

Does it work differently now??

Is it just like an NFT situation now and you gotta buy crypto pets from minting sites like OpenSea or something??

I don't like that.

Where are the CryptoKitties kinda sites that are whole sites built around crypto pets??

This is just bullshit.

Where is the fucking innovation??

Where is it??
I just Googled "crypto game sites" and all I got was a bunch of shit about gambling.

What the pure and total absolute fuck??

Where the fuck are all the GAMES, you know, like GAMINGGGGG built around CRYPTO?????

Where are the CRYPTO PETS???

I'm about to lose my shit over this...

This is fucking ridiculous.
Where's the fucking RuneScape of the cryptoworld??

And don't fucking give me that Decentraland bullshit either.

I want GOOD shit.

REAL shit.

Shit that is actually fun, not some stupid lame shit.

Where are the CryptoKitties endeavors???

It's been like 5 fucking years.

My God... hello???
This is pathetic, my God.

I can't believe it.

Get your asses in gear.
Unbelievably fucking lame, oh my God, do something.
Where the fuck are the crypto pet platforms built on coins like Doge or Tron???

What the fuck??
Something FAST.

Why the fuck is it all still ETH and shit???

What the fuck is wrong with the people at the helm in crypto land??



Nobody has time for this bullshit.

Do something.
You'd think somebody'd wanna be making bank off all the women who are into crypto and like cute dumb shit...


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