Teeth grinding...
Thank God for cheapass multipacks of bite guards on Amazon...

This is the latest kind I got:


My teeth feel all achy and loose from all the grinding even when I wear these...

Without 'em?? Pft.

Wonder if this has been a thing all throughout history, or if it's because of all the intensity and sensory overload that we experience every day?

It's this kinda stuff that makes me think humans were NEVER meant to live that long... for real.
When I sneeze, the bite guard shoots out like a rocket...

I might actually give that a try. I've had weird dreams or some kind of dream recall where I seem
to "remember" or think I've done weird, painful stuff with my jaws like muscle spasms? And it may
be some kind of clenching/grinding. This has gone on for at least 20 years.
Hell yeah that's what it is.

The problem is that it actually wears your teeth down and causes inflammation in the nerves.

It's actually super bad you, causes headaches due to all the tension in your jaws...

Can cause ear pain.

Don't let your end of the world stockpiles be without bite guards, that's all I'm sayin'.
i have long suffered from bruxism. i tried a mouthguard once, and it started to misalign my bite and resting jaw. immediately stopped.

apparently you're supposed to get a high quality mold done to make a custom mouthguard. so cumbersome.
Yeah man trust me I know ALL about it...

But out of total desperation and the fact that you chew holes through 'pro' made ones, it's like...

I'll take the big hunk of rubber and take my damn chances.

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