Have you guys seen these computer de-aged artists? ABBA, Paul McCartney
This technology is going to get scary real

Check these out. A computer modeled 24 year old Paul McCartney and  ABBA - 

ABBA is reuniting for a tour and they have a new album. They are going to run this amazing show with computer models of them from 1979

this is not good. 

how long till they whack a pres and then use this technology to project that he is still alive...

what benefit does this tech actually have, other than being able to lie and pretend to be someone else.

bs tech, very dangerous indeed
I think it's pretty amazing, but yeah. Like anything else, this could be used for evil I'm sure
Wow... so creepy.

With the Abba models, you can tell they aren't real/are computer generated.

The Paul one though... I'm guessing they used a real person for his dance moves and just messed with the face. Looks pretty real though.
You can tell by the way they move in the Abba video at certain points that they're computer generated.
(09-13-2021, 02:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You can tell by the way they move in the Abba video at certain points that they're computer generated.

yes, I did notice that to. It's very good though. The facial expression are what really give it away. Still, I feel that this would ne a very cool show to go experience.
It's curious that all these deep fakes and augmented reality coincide with the push to get back to the Moon and eventually to Mars.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Quote:Later, actor Jordan Johnson speaks to the camera: "I'm playing young Paul McCartney," he says. "His face will be on my face, and I do a lot of dancing."

(09-14-2021, 08:52 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music...ke-1211185

That's neat. People are so smart and creative.
It's a catchy song... I've watched the vid with the sound off a few times, but I listened to a little just now, it's an alright song.

They still had to use a lot of lighting effects (super cool ones BTW) to camo what I assume were obvious "less real looking" parts of the de-aged Paul face. It's clever and well done, and Paul was very cute.
It's hilarious to me how everyone in the comments sections are like, "OMG this is so great, they'll be able to do this with so many bands" blah blah...

It's like yo...

They're gonna do it with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

Watch out putting your shit on social media...

Eventually it'll be in their TOS that they can use your image and recreate it to do whatever the fuck they want.

I'm sure their existing TOS already covers that, but...

Eventually they'll have to get more specific with the language.
Think about how many tards will be ALL ABOUT IT...

TAKE my image and recreate it to spew your propaganda, YAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!


I am excited about this age though, I am not hating. It's cool. But it's just so obvious where it's all going.

When they start recreating them from head to toe and not having to use any real life models to do the movements or any of that shit...

And there's an "Interact With Paul" app (and one for everyone else too)...


Is computer generated Paul gonna know he's not the real Paul?

Do we realize we're not the real us?

Micro to macro baby.

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