sexual misconduct
the Taliban are just doing what we did when they whip sexy ladies on the streets for dressing provocatively  

homos were  whipped and  branded on the shoulder with a hot iron unless you could pay the 5 pounds fine



the first thing the early settlers did in virginia was plant tobacco even before corn , they needed lots of cheap male labour which they mostly got from Ireland ... negros were too expensive to buy and the local Indians died too quickly from disease

so anyways there must have been a bunch of homosexual encounters and pretty women were a hot commodity
specially Pocahontas who was quickly scooped up by a tobacco farmer who taught her English and then brought her to merry England to meet the royal family
she died 6 months later from white man disease
here she is just a few months before she died at Gravesend, England in a room above a pub
I wonder how Pocahontas felt about having to dress in that ridiculous get-up.
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool

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