Revolutionizing the way we live, houses of the new age...
In the future, houses will be much more cleanable...

I've seen it and it's wonderful.

This is where I had part of the vision:

The future is a lack of crevices such as tile (grout) and all the inherent nastiness involved in that, as well as carpet (a huge no-no and a thing of the past)...

There will be no surfaces that aren't cleanable.

I'm partial to wood flooring and so it will always be a component of any good home...

But there will be no such thing as uncleanable walls, floors, countertops, none of that shit...

You will be able to clean it and dry it with a cloth and it'll be done.

Nothing for smells to sink into, nothing that takes machinery to wash/dry, it will be as seamless as possible, and it will be so much more healthy.

Carpet, cracks/crevices, and all other uncleanable areas/surfaces that have been present as a 'standard' in housing for hundreds of years is going bye-bye.
Shit tons of windows too...

Natural light is a huge part of disinfection and any home that doesn't have a window in every room suffers.

No more.
A lot of transparent materials will be used for walls of all kinds.

I don't know if the material is glass or plastic, but it's all designed to be sprayed down and dried with minimal streaking and water spots. Probably some newfangled material we don't know about yet or that isn't in wide use.

There will probably be drains in the floors in every room.

Cleanable from ceiling to floor.
As far as furniture, same deal...

It has to be comfortable, so I'm guessing any cushion material will be easily taken off the piece, easily disassembled for washing, etc.
Pictures on the walls and all that bullshit? Unnecessary.

My mode of operations has always been one picture as a statement piece, MAYBE two.

Anything more is clutter.
I came up with a 21-foot by 21-foot cottage. Half of it will be enclosed for the bedroom and drawing room, the other half will be semi-open for the patio on one side and the shower stall, toilet stall and washing machine on the other.

I also use an 8-foot by 10-foot beach hut on six posts stuck in the ground. The floor of the hut wll be two or three feet off the ground with stone pavers under and around the hut so you don't have to worry about dirt or mud.

Since I started eating once a day I stopped using the stove and fridge. All the processed foods are stable at ambient temperature and the cola, gatorade and other juices taste good warm.
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Well I think simplifying your life to such a degree can only help your mental state... which means most of the battle with being healthy is automatically won. Diet is extremely important, but as long as you're not over-eating processed foods and eating just enough, and as long as you get vitamins/minerals through supplementation, you're likely to lead a fulfilling life.
(09-21-2021, 09:48 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: A lot of transparent materials will be used for walls of all kinds.

I don't know if the material is glass or plastic...

Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool
I also like those small Spanish forts.
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*Heavy Breathing*

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