In 2031, a 62 mile wide "mega comet" will pass through Saturn's orbit...
(12-26-2021, 07:45 PM)Guest Wrote: If a life ending comet were on its way and we had 6 months to live , what would you guys do ?

I would go traveling and live on the road, and I'd make sure to be in my favorite most visually stunning scenic region when the event happened.
I would make sure that I was alone during that time because I wouldn't want anyone's fear reactions to mess with my experience when the event happened.
No Grand Canyon for example because there'd be like elevendy million other people there with the same idea. It'd probably be hard to find a secluded spot anywhere, under those circumstances. Maybe not though.
Places like Devils Tower and Monument Valley etc., they'd all probably be full of folks...

Maybe one of those canyon-esque rest areas I found along I-70 in Utah.

They're not my fave but they are totally stunning.
Maybe even the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah...

It's a pretty big area, there would probably be room for everyone.
It would be mega bright/reflective if there was a bunch of light that happened at the event.

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