Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman...

They better give her plenty of screen time without that hideous fucking mask...

I hate the Catwoman masks that cover underneath the nose...

Uglier than fucking sin, by far the least cool version of any iteration of the Catwoman outfit.

They better not do wrong by Zoe, she's pretty and could be a memorable Catwoman...

And I mean, Robert Pattinson as Batman??

The fuck kinda crack are these people smoking??
Speaking of noses, pigs have a certain type of nose that looks like a barn owl. We all know pigs are intelligent, nobody would think they are two-faced. They have the intelligence of the owl it seems. When they look at you, you can sense it. https://www.stocksy.com/866123/detail-of-pigs-nose

See, Halle Berry's Catwoman mask was fine because it cut off at just the right place where you could still see her cute lil nose underneath.

Maybe the promo photo we saw was just Zoe in a cat burglar kinda mask that will only be used in a few scenes. We can only hope.

I like the size of Zoe's chest though...


This Catwoman is gonna have a nice figure.
Halle Berry's Catwoman was iconic because her body was so amazing and it was early 2000s stylistic legend...


The fucking pants, I mean come on.

But as far as outfits go, hers was my least favorite, just because I would personally never wear some shit like that, there's way too much uncovered.

She was good as Catwoman.

But I would say if they don't fuck up the outfit, Zoe has a chance at a more 'classic' kind of Catwoman portrayal.

She definitely has the look and vibe...

I don't think this was a miscast kinda situation...

Anne Hathaway? That was a fucking miscast situation right there. They only chose her for retarded illuminati reasons, not because she was the best for the role.

Her outfit was decent from the neck up...


From the neck down, it was just 'okay'...

Tits too big, lackluster as fuck catsuit in the chest/torso region, boots too tall, high heels ridiculous...

Least favorite Catwoman ever, including Lee Meriwether.
As far as black actresses portraying Catwoman, let's remember that Eartha Kitt paved the way with perfection...


She was an excellent Catwoman...

Gorgeous little body, very cute face, spicy personality, totally slayed the role...

So the shoes have been filled by the level best, decades ago, by Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt...

But that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy well portrayed new versions of Catwoman.
(10-03-2021, 11:38 AM)zenba Wrote: THERE IS ONLY MICHELLE PFEIFER

She was great...

Way too many acrobatics in her role, but the outfit was fire and she had the perfect presence and personality for the role.

Her hair was great too...

A lot of times, Catwoman's hair is sorta boring.

The only thing that saves it is wearing cat ears in some form.

The only thing I don't really like about Michelle's Catwoman is that they had her in the full head mask pretty much the whole time until the end there when it gets ripped.
Camren Bicondova made an excellent Catwoman... she's actually one of my top all time faves.


She had the best hair of any Catwoman, and her outfits were very achievable and had variety... definitely the best Catwoman of the 21st century so far.
Naya Rivera's final role was voicing Catwoman in "Batman: The Long Halloween"...




0:53 "Your equipment is weighing you down"...


Jensen Ackles voices Batman.

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