I think they intentionally leave the fortunes out of some fortune cookies...
We've all gotten a fortuneless fortune cookie before, you know the ones where it's JUST the cookie.

This just happened to me and I used to think it was just an oversight that one cookie got away without a fortune but...

Now I think there's intentional, cheeky meaning to it.
Hi chatlady, now you are doing fortune cookies?
You know they weren't made by the Chinese smokes lady?
Who just came to my house?
They were made by us?
Yes, I agree.  I think they know when that happens you think to yourself “omg, does this mean I have no future?  I’m going to die soon?”  I think they get their kicks that way.  Sickos. lol
i always took it as my fortune was not quantifiable in such a limited format, that i am its architect.
They western inventions its not even Chinese like egg rolls its made up shit by dickheads like me and you.

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