I have a bad feeling Jack White is gonna come out as GAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!



He's been behaving super weirdly for the past few years, dying his hair weird colors and shit...

A while back I saw he had this IG page where he shows off some of his art, and it's like the realest IG page dude has ever had...

And the art was WEIRD. It was like furniture and stuff but I just got HARDCORE gay vibes off the color and the photos and just the whole entire thing.

I just wanna say this as a McAfee-esque "I didn't kill myself" disclaimer...

I DO NOT THINK Jack White was always gay...

If he comes out gay (or worse) it's cuz they either confused him and MADE HIM GAY, or...

It's part of his Crossroads Agreement, much like the Wachowski Brothers of The Matrix fame.

I'm betting on the Crossroads Agreement angle...

But he's definitely gonna come out as gay or trans.

Here's the IG:

Here he is rocking out on his Third Man Records London location balcony which is pretty neat...

That's from Sept. and there are social distancing signs, because Jack is prolly fully vaxxed, so he's at SPECIAL high risk of getting a deadly case of the covain't...

So my guess is he's trying to be a good globalist and still do the travel thingy...

As you can see he's got this weird ice blue hair...

Like why.

It's super cool, the whole balcony setup, the creepy Nazi-like black banner draped over the side...

Aesthetic and all but like...

Why is he being so gay all the sudden???
So the last time he looked normal was in late 2020...

That was SNL, and shortly after that, it seems like things just got weird.

He went hardcore into this weird dyed hair thing where he looks like a gay British dude...

Plus, that location is in London so clearly he's hanging out there.

Is he trying to appeal to the local crowd?? Did he fall in love with a British gay??

Is he simply playing a role for the new phase of his fame deal??

Is this the part where he starts taking hormones and transitions to being female?

Why cut the hair then??

Are they just going for the 'classic gay' with Jack?? Just have him come out and say he'd been closeted all that time, got married, had kids, but always knew inside (and some people in his private life, like wives may have known) that he was GAAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAAAYYYYYYYYYY the whole time??

I guess we'll see...

Low key he even looks a tad gay in some of the pics in that SNL promo too...

Am I just now seeing this?

I feel like I definitely NEVER perceived any gayness from Jack before.

Has the final phase of his mind control programming simply kicked in??
Was it the K-Pop that turned him??






I wonder if TPTB really are making him do this?!

That's fucked up.

Jack looks scary as hell with that hair.

He just looked like himself before, but now he looks like some crazy gay British version of himself, like...

Where are the fucking rhinestones and crazy sunglasses?? Where's the feather boa??

Go all the fucking way with it if you're gonna go at all.
Is he really trying to look like a K-Pop star???

It's fine if he is I guess, but if he's not doing it on purpose, somebody should tell him.

He plays bluegrass.
I just really dunno man...


He ain't lookin' too good...

Like, you okay Jack?? For real.
What The Fuck

Did I ever publicly read Jack's natal chart?

Dunno, but I recall having read it and noting that it had shit tons of 'suicide & violence' aspects in it.

It was always a raw deal to negotiate for fame in old guard hollywood...

Looks like Jack is getting to an advanced stage here.

So much better to be popular these days, with the internet you don't really have to make many deals...

They're mostly all pretty chill deals, until of course the internet meets with the MSM machine again when you're talking about corporately owned channels/sponsored personalities, etc.
(10-21-2021, 04:22 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: I just really dunno man...


He ain't lookin' too good...

Like, you okay Jack?? For real.

He looks like Mark Wahlberg larping as the Joker.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Hopefully he just gets a fucking grip.

He always seemed like so much fun.

Don't be gay, Jack.

Don't be gay.

His London TMR location looks pretty fly...

I guess he's gonna wrangle a bunch of twinks in there to make cringey Brit hipster music.


The only thing wrong with it is that it's in the UK.

Look at his quote in the caption...

Quote:"Record stores are just churches to me. They're just so important and so special. And I'm so glad that they're still around. I'm so glad that I and Third Man had a very tiny part in trying to keep them alive."

I guess there are some things I feel that way about too.
I mean, he's humble, that's cool.

I feel like he's definitely gay though.
Maybe he really has always been gay and that's just how broken my gaydar really is...


That really could be the case.
Like, the whole relationship with Meg was just weird... was she simply his beard??

But one time I did read this story that this groupie chick had sex with Jack and he gave her CDs and other memorabilia when it was over. Lmfao.

So I mean...

Maybe he just swings both ways??

I'd say he's gay 100% though...

Like, if he's gay, he REALLY gay.
(10-22-2021, 02:01 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: But one time I did read this story that this groupie chick had sex with Jack and he gave her CDs and other memorabilia when it was over. Lmfao.

Cuz I mean if you think about it... a straight dude probably definitely wouldn't do that. Maybe the chick was sorta manly and that's why he went for her.

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