Advice for young men
Do not ever put yourself in a position where a female controls or has significant influence over any aspect of your life.

Not your wife. Not your girlfriend. Not even your own mother or sister.

Do not move in with your girlfriend. If she moves in with you, do not put her on the lease. Do not move into a house owned by your girlfriend, your wife, or your mother, or by any of their relatives. Those people will be her allies, not yours. Nobody will have your back. If a woman has any control over the roof over your head, you will become homeless at some point. It's not a matter of "if." It's a matter of "when."

Always keep 100% control over how you spend every moment of your life. You cannot do this if you shack up with a woman. You will have to account for every minute of your time.

You cannot work from home if you're shacked up. She will attempt to monopolize all of your time. She will constantly complain that you're working too much and not spending enough time with her. Just don't even try. If you work from home, it's crucial that you have your own place where you live alone and have 100% control over who comes and goes. It's the only way you can have a successful work-at-home career.

That is all.
I worked with a guy who signed up for all the overtime he could get, just to avoid being home with his wife.
Own a small piece of land and put a structure on it... and really, anything will do. In my opinion, that should be a man's first goal in life above all else.

But I also think everyone should be assigned a piece of land at birth... that's another matter, kind of like an IQ requirement on reproduction, voting, etc.

Anyway, things "should" be a lot ways that they fucking ain't... so get your own, whether you have a dick dangling between your legs or not.

We'll get a small lot, Fannie, and erect some mud huts.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
(10-30-2021, 01:36 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: ... get your own, whether you have a dick dangling between your legs or not.

This is especially true if you're one of those women who seem to attract abusive or controlling men. Always have your own place to go back to when the wheels fall off the pretend marriage.
Also, if you do find yourself outdoors, do not leave your prized possessions in the care of friends or relatives. Your shit will either go missing or be damaged. Put it in a self-storage unit that only you have a key to.
(10-30-2021, 03:26 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: We'll get a small lot, Fannie, and erect some mud huts.

I bet that's not the only thing you'll erect.
emotional attachments have a tendency to reinforce irrational behavior, be it at home life, work life, or play.
Sometimes i think the unibomber had it bang on, no computers though...thats a tough sell

Let it all burn to the ground. Industrial civilization is a wasteland. It has turned minds into oatmeal, bodies into tubs of lard, and led to the erosion of tradition, faith, culture, heritage, social bonds, and the family.

The people of our time need a wake-up call. Let the phones die. Let the planes stop flying. Let the computer screens go black. Stare into the abyss of emptiness and ponder the fact that you have been programmed since birth to be a consuming, desiring, ****ting, and ******* machine with no soul, but only orifices.
we need to set up an uberwife system where wives can be shifted around from one house to the next , this will add variety to everyones life and also give men access to different skillsets
after all "familiarity breeds contempt" as my father always said
All i know is if janet leigh from psycho was my mommy i would sleep with her every night

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