What's the connection between Fritos and Veterans Day?
My mom was jonesing for Frito pie yesterday. She wanted to make it with plain, unflavored Fritos.

I looked for regular Fritos at six different stores over a large swath of the county I live in. I looked for them at WalMart, a grocery store, several convenience stores, and a dollar store. One store had just had a Frito-Lay delivery a few hours before, and they quickly sold out of regular Fritos.

Why did everyone and their brother decide to buy regular Fritos yesterday?

What The Fuck
There have been plenty of them here, fortunately for me because regular Fritos are like crack cocaine to me, I’ve been addicted for years.
There's an association between corn chips and a few very specific kinds of people in this world in general...

But I will say this, I do love chili on top of Fritos, now I wanna make some.
Apparently there's a "chip shortage" in the form of snacks, and not just microchips.

Everyone's complaining about it lately.

They don't have the packaging, or they're redesigning/printing it.
I haven't seen a shortage of any other chips than this one particular variety of Fritos. It makes me suspicious.
I don't think there's necessarily a supply chain shortage of regular Fritos either. That one store was fully stocked, and quickly sold out.

I believe someone is hoarding Fritos for reasons unknown.
Who would do such a thing?

What could they want with that many Fritos?

I think a Congressional investigation is in order here.
I caught up with the Frito-Lay vendor at the convenience store.

He said you won't find a bag of Fritos from coast to coast due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Funny how they still make every kind of chip but that one.

What The Fuck
I made Frito bake yesterday and it was sorta spicy...


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