remember, we were always ART; nothing more, & nothing less...
Imagine if you had conquered every atom of hydrogen,
with this, comes the conquering of all time, space and matter.

once this has been achieved, what else is there to do?

the only logical answer is to create!

and as per Genesis, we were created. 
we werent created to conquer the universe,
for that had already been done,
we were created in someones image!
to do nothing else but be fruitful and multiply.

However, this did not last long, and creation itself became corrupted.
whether of not the forbidden fruit itself altered our chemical composition, therefore altering us mentally and physically,
is not the topic of today,
remembering that we are highly treasured and valuable art, is.

Outside the human psyche, is perfection.
inside the human psyche, is corruption.
this corruption, surrounded by perfection,
can make error to what perfection really is.
when this happens, it is called sin.
again, though, the topic is not sin,
its about the forgotten art, of which we all are.

take for example the human eye,
most of us use them everyday, but know very little about them.
the human eye can see 527000k
the best camera today is rated at 12k and will cost alot of money.
to buy a camera today that's rated equal to the eye,
based at $56000 per camera, one is looking in the billions
not to mention we typically have 2 eyes...

the universe itself is another form of art,
to which the value, based on fps per dollar,
is in the quadrillions,
as the universe operates on 5 trillion fps.
the best computer today with the top game, can get about 350fps.

then there is the bioreactor in every body which takes organic fuel and creates electricity out of it,
approximately 60 watts..

these are just a few examples of the high tech art that we are.
such magnificent art too,
yet we forget this.

we instead will focus on curves and creases and see that and nothing else.
then when the wrong curve is in the wrong place,
we dismiss about 500 billion dollars worth of technology that each human comes equipped with,
and start feeling worthless..

this is the true power of error and sin,
which we must learn to overcome,
otherwise we will never fully appreciated and enjoy all that hydrogen can offer us,
which is unlimited time, space, and matter,

especially if someone spends their whole life on this star womb,
without ever really considering how much value they really have.

when we start accepting that everything outside of sin/error, is actually perfect,
and that we once were as a species physically and mentally perfect, but slightly degraded since,
we can overcome the weight and narrowness of sin, and start seeing what really is in front of us,

which again is unlimited time space and matter,
and some of the finest collection of animated art
of course to the erred mind, unlimitedness seems to be unlikely and purposeless 
art is not art and is random accidentations
but that is just it, the mind is erred, therefore it's perception is erred..

had the mind be full and without error, it would find itself before the unlimited nature of the universe.
to then it would see, unlimitedness and it's part within it.

Thou Art in heaven, is so often said but never really understood.
if you were in heaven, what art shall you art?
if you were on earth, what art shall you art?

to a true artist, it doesnt matter if it's earth or heaven
the artist will still art.
take leonardo for instance, the 1600's was hell on earth,
yet leo still arted...

the question really is, what is our art?
however, that question can only be asked once one has accepted themselves to be art,
divine art.

as this universe was an idea that a powerful artist had long time ago,
we must never forget that we were an idea, that came to life.
an idea nevertheless, by a very very intelligent and capable being..
to which after understanding how advanced we are as a being,
is most certainly watching all of us and is listening to what we are thinking too.

after understanding how universes are formed using infinite amounts of hydrogen,
on can better understand why this artist did what they did,
from having nothing, to having almost 8 billion created beings interacting with one another,
is likely very entertaining and educational to the artist,
that is until the creation starts turning on itself,
as per preflood.

since we are made alot like this artist, we can empathise on why the artist has so much patience,
for again, we were always considered art to them,
some of the most technologically advanced art that the universe has likely ever seen.
then on top of that, we are creating our own technological art,
to which our creators must be very impressed.

Art creating it's own art.

the point of this long wall is only to remind you, that you are worth soo much more than you think,
and if I as a mortal can understand and know this,
just think to what you creator thinks of you and it's Art?,

for if you need reminding,

For God so loved the world that it gave it's one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
john 3:16

the reason i changed God's gender is because God existed before the genders,
as God created them,
which serves as a reminder,
That God never was human,
It played human, but is not human.

Ever notice how David Gilmour doesn't pick a note until it's ripe?

(11-14-2021, 11:38 AM)Devastatia Wrote: Ever notice how David Gilmour doesn't pick a note until it's ripe?

the only gilmour i know, is doug.

david doesnt hit the hooks enough with me..
only mk ultra music for this cat.. ;)

Just fucking loop that shit



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