Does anybody actually remember the James Bond movies, or Star Wars??
I've seen some of these movies over the years, here and there, maybe even made it through a whole one or two a few times...

But I CANNOT for the life of me ACTUALLY REMEMBER ANY Star Wars or James Bond movies I've ever fucking seen.

The only parts of Star Wars I vaguely remember are the parts with Yoda. As far as James Bond, I don't remember squat about those movies apart from tiny scenes where hot chicks are involved. That's it.

I remember the Elvis movies better than I remember these huge overly publicized blockbuster movies that have all these sequels and shit.

Way more memorable IMO.
@ 1:50 major camel toe on that blonde
I watch them over on a regular basis.

You should watch "Dr. No".
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
MO, I find this shocking, positively shocking.


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