Would anybody be all that surprised by a literal zombie outbreak at this point?
It's honestly more plausible than ever.

And they love to tell us what they're gonna do through the movies.
Maybe not people being reanimated after death, maybe not wanting to eat human flesh/brains...

But more, the original zombie. The truly scary zombie.

The 'voodoo' zombi.
I can picture it now. MO gets tied up by a bunch of gorillas becauase she stole all their bananans. A dedective come rushing in and hammers the gorillas in the asshole just constontly repeatding the sme 5 words 'Doo not steal the banans'
can you at least change your name to 'miss Annie' so I can romanticize you agains
If you're talking about MK Ultra type shit, it wouldn't surprise me at this point if the shadow government perpetrated it.
Remember the 'bath salts' zombies from a while back?

They were probably doing a test run.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I had forgotten about the bath salt zombies.

Maybe they've been trying to foment a zombie apocalypse all along, but they haven't come up with a fad that'll catch on.
(12-04-2021, 03:04 PM)Devastatia Wrote: but they haven't come up with a fad that'll catch on.

So they came up with vaccines.
(12-04-2021, 09:31 PM)Atma Wrote: So they came up with vaccines.

Which booster will contain the nanobots?
They've been in production for about 10 years now. Smart Dust Zombies. 
Nanoparticles forming transceivers in the brain and controlling what you think and do. 

then perhaps:

That's just Hollywood trying to scare you...but the technology is real. I believe it will be used
for good purposes. Good day.

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