The James Webb telescope...
Launched on Christmas day, 2021...

It's going to be used to introduce a reality altering concept to the world.

Not sure whether it's gonna real or fabricated, good or bad...

But that's definitely the plan.
I doubt it'll take them more than a few years to come out with it, whatever "it" is.

By 2025, we're gonna know.
Of course I could be wrong.

I don't like to put timeframes on things.
Essentially I think it's gonna be about the "bubble inside a bigger bubble" revelation...
It's not really a revelation TBH...

The idea that there's an "end" to the universe (or a "beginning") is just plain antiquated.
The conversation on the chicken or the egg is the chicken and the egg.
And its not just the humans animals are born knowing this.
i read something is already fucked up with it and it won't be able to do micro adjustments when deployed.

i am hopeful that's wrong and that it provides me images as interesting as the AIA does for my techniques.
I trade futures and options at a farmers market lmao
They don't accept BTC though I have to get it out into DXY to buy some corn.
(01-04-2022, 02:26 AM)zenba Wrote: i read something is already fucked up with it and it won't be able to do micro adjustments when deployed.

What a fkn disaster.

I thought I'd read that there were issues with it but...

I dunno how much of it I actually believe.
It cost like a bajillion dollars to get it up there, and they were definitely up to something launching it on Christmas Day.

They've definitely got plans with this one.
Yesterday I bought 1 barrel of oil from exxon cheap and resold it to BP at a profit. All the while Shell had no idea I was messing with their oil barrel price. I had to drive around multiple refineries to do this but I still created an arbitrage lmao
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For some odd reason that link wouldn't load for me. I'm perplexed as to why... but I garner from the URL slug that they have successfully deployed the sun shield, so it's good news.

I don't want their extremely expensive mission to fail, that's for sure. I am definitely not criticizing the mission or trying to be negative about it. But I suspect there will be huge findings thanks to this telescope.
The website seems to be down.
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