My pet stink bug!
i've been extremely wary of anything that look like these, and i now know why.

triatominae carries trypanosoma cruzi, which creates chagas disease.

it's often picked up through food, as the oocysts are nearly indestructible, but i think there's something else going on. i've long had the telepathic impression that the bug, as they put it, are not on this level of existence. not macro species like us. they're microspecies.

stink bugs are an invasive species and i now suspect they were introduced ON PURPOSE with T. CRUZI for the express purpose of infecting as many people as possible with the parasite that causes heart disease and aids, as well as providing some form of corrupted telepathic network.

you know what they've been banning and shit talking this whole pandemic?


i had previously discovered that arthritis is actually caused by a parasitic amoeba that eats away at the cushioning between joins, which can be treated with boron supplements. no one fucking talks about parasites in humans. if we could thanos snap away all parasites, how many of our problems would disappear immediately?

i've been seeing research indicating things like mental disease and deviant sexual behavior can be caused by parasites.

no wonder i've been feeling better and better as i've been taking the memed out horse paste. no wonder i shit my ass out after i take psychadelics. parasites hate psychadelics.

t. cruzi spreads through sexual activity. this is how sexual deviancy is transmitted and more gays/pedos are created. i've long termed it a spiritual virus, and while i still agree with that i see this physical component from parasites now.

i now see that one of my longterm health ailments is very possibly a physical reaction to being in the presence of a t.cruzi infected person or consuming t.cruzi tainted food.

this is how big pharma / bank control grid operates. they infect the populace with a non-lethal but highly taxing parasite and then sell bullshit to treat the symptoms. we've just been too busy and ignorant to notice. parasite protocols are specifically censored when it comes to humans to maintain this system.

double fuck.
Yeah the kissing bugs thing is freaky as hell bro.

Introducing invasive species is another form of bio warfare.

Stinkbugs aren't kissing bugs though, they do look really similar but they aren't the same...

Stink bugs have a totally different vibe than the freaky kissing bugs.

All that said, don't worry zenba...

Your mind is the most powerful element of existence and it can make you experience illness even when there's no true outside cause of it...

Remember, the outside just doesn't really exist anyway. Have no fear.
they're cousins, and a better indirect vector to infect fruits and vegetables with t.cruzi oocysts.

i'm not afraid, i'm angry because i can see how much unnecessary shit i've gone through and how others are still going through it.

you shouldn't knock my assertions until you yourself go through an anti-parasitic regiment to see how differently you feel.
What are your opinions on the efficacy of garlic as an anti-parasitical?

I went on a massive anti-parasite cleanse kick with a variety of products years back for like 6 months solid.
I've actually taken quite a bit of anti-parasitical medication over the past year and a half or so...

Now that I think back on it, just various kinds as 'preventatives' for the CV whenever I thought I might have been exposed.

But after the kick I went on back in like 2017 or so, I really was just never convinced I ever even had (bad) parasites in the first place, by the end of the binges.

You gotta remember, I've had a very serious problem with hypochondria in my life. It's been a very long battle. I am not trying to negate your concerns, zenba...

I just don't like the thought of people I care about having negative feelings about things.
garlic is useful eaten on a regular basis, but if someone has a legit infestation of parasites, you can't just throw garlic at it to fix it. maintenance doses aren't enough for an active infestation.

everything that's been indicated in the alternative community for the plandemic all happen to be anti-parasitics. i don't think they will ever allow themselves to start pushing any of these things. i think they know full well about the parasites and this has been a part of their plan for a very long time. vitamins C and D, NAC, zinc, ivermectin, HCQ, iodine, MSM, all very important with parasites. C60 cleans up the related toxins. the only thing i've not seen directly associated with anti-parasitic tendencies is chaga mushrooms, but they do everything else.

they've wanted people to be in a state in which they are nutrient deprived and have enough toxic buildup to create symptoms that they then 'treat' with their bullshit. what accomplishes this better than a parasite?

seeing evidence that such parasites can be transmitted sexually or even through saliva makes it easy to see how shit hasn't really changed in centuries. i've witnessed people just change, one way or the other, again explained very well via parasitic activity.

humanity needs to do a parasite purge at all levels, physically, socially, spiritually.
(01-22-2022, 02:20 PM)zenba Wrote: garlic is useful eaten on a regular basis, but if someone has a legit infestation of parasites, you can't just throw garlic at it to fix it.

See that's what I was thinking too. I feel like garlic is more of a good preventative measure. It's not gonna take care of a legit infestation by itself. Thanks for answering.

(01-22-2022, 02:20 PM)zenba Wrote: vitamins C and D, NAC, zinc, ivermectin, HCQ, iodine, MSM, all very important with parasites. C60 cleans up the related toxins.

I really appreciate you listing these and I've gotta do a little more research on NAC specifically. I have a bottle of it, but I wanna understand it before I start taking any. The little I've read about it so far sounds pretty miraculous, but I've read it's important to drink a LOT of water with it.

(01-22-2022, 02:20 PM)zenba Wrote: they've wanted people to be in a state in which they are nutrient deprived and have enough toxic buildup to create symptoms that they then 'treat' with their bullshit. what accomplishes this better than a parasite?

Breaking down our natural defenses on every single level has been their obvious, very public goal for decades now. I have considered the 'alien parasite' and the 'spiritual parasite' angle. But since the advent of the vaxx, I've been considering the 'mechanical parasite' aspect of things a lot more. We've been hearing about nanobots for years... but I never really looked at them as parasites before. And to be honest... I think "nanobots" is old tech at this point.

Oh there's definitely something going on.

But I have always been into anti-parasitical medications, foods, all kinds of possible hindrances and eradication methods and I am absolutely going to continue the maintenance I do daily, forever basically. Sugar is the one thing I kinda have a weakness over, I use it in my coffee every morning, sometimes I eat a sugary snack at night time. Agh... I WILL weed it out. Absolutely. I've done it before. But it's that damn coffee, man! That's how it always sneaks back in for me. Even though I eventually find I don't even miss it when I stop using it in my coffee. Anyways, thanks again for your responses and information.
So I woke up this morning and Martin (my pet stink bug) was sitting atop my air purifier, right by the window where a tiny slice of light (the only light in the room) was coming through at the corner of my blackout curtains.

It was a very cold night and the air inside was sort of dry as a result. By the looks of him, I just knew Martin was almost dehydrated to death. It was obvious that he was barely clinging to life when I waved my hand over top of him and his movements were extremely slow, and eventually stopped altogether.

Knowing Martin would surely perish if nothing was done, I immediately set out to feed and water him.


IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So I'll tell you how it happened.

I dipped my finger in some water and then dotted it along the surface he was on, in front of him, behind him, etc.

Ultimately he did nothing, so I decided to get a mushy half rotten strawberry and sacrifice it for the cause.

I pulled it apart and put it on the surface he was sitting on, one piece in front of him and one piece behind.

To my dismay, Martin used his very last little bit of energy to walk AROUND THE PIECE OF STRAWBERRY in front of him...

But during his journey, he finally happened across one of the droplets of water I had placed earlier.

I squealed in delight as his mouth feeler came out RIGHT ON THE VERY EDGE of this water droplet, and over the course of about 10 minutes, he had sucked the whole thing up.

With this newfound energy, he started walking along the edge of the surface, away from the other water droplets and the strawberry, and I thought to myself, no! This simply won't do. Martin needs MORE.

So I took the smaller bit of strawberry and I boldly set it on his path, right in front of him...

I squealed in delight AGAIN as he encountered the strawberry with his feelers, and then he took out his mouth tube and STARTED EATING THE FREAKING STRAWBERRY (or sucking the liquid off it or something, either way, IT WAS A SUCCESS)...

I recorded some video...


Intresting bug

I have 3 Spiders that Come upstairs chill out in my bathroom ceiling when it gets to cold. I have a small place. And they come out of the cellar
Then when it gets warm they bugger off.
So i can always tell now when the Cold snap will come becuase it gets -30 lol
The can detect the cold snaps better than weather reporters

Espcially the one I call Freddy. He is a quarter size spider. These guys dont move much when they be chillin. literally chillen lol

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