Just used AI photo restoring software for the first time...

I just randomly found it and decided to try it with some old blurry photos, ranging from the early 1900s to the 1990s...

And I just cannot believe how amazing the results were.

You'd think it wouldn't look realistic, you'd think it'd look and "feel" fake.

But it doesn't.

Even the eyes look totally on point.

I am very impressed.
I did notice the coloring on some eyes wasn't exactly perfect/true to life...

But oddly it didn't interfere with the 'soul' behind them.

It happens particularly with the most blurry photos.

I didn't even think the photos were all that blurry and whatnot before running them through the program...

But when I saw the 'after' I was just totally amazed.

Generally I'm against the idea of AI, but this type of application for it (photos, video) is just cool as heck.
(01-08-2022, 11:16 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: But oddly it didn't interfere with the 'soul' behind them.

That's what really impressed me...

You could see that unique glimmer, in amazing clarity.

How the?
You wouldn't necessarily notice it on photos of people you've never met. Well, you might be able to notice it.

But it's just so real and so accurate.

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