step right up , subhumans
just  like  corona they eat away at peoples rights freedoms little  by little 

in this case  they will first paint it as a win for  people to choose , then you will be expected to do society a favor as you are just a burden to the system ...thats how the bolshevik commies operate
I definitely believe in the progress being made toward 'death with dignity' euthanasia...

But I do think people should wait until life gets too physically painful to continue.

I think doing it too early isn't a great idea.

When they start euthanizing people who don't even have a disease, terminal OR degenerative...

That's when I'm gonna start disagreeing with it.

I think the 'death with dignity' option should be available for every person everywhere who is terminal and facing a slow/painful death.
So i am listening to albert camus 'the stranger' only 7 minutes in and suddenly i get a random thought :

"I want to fuck a nun"

Like where did that shit come from and do i need psychotherapy i possessed by demons ?
Dancing Banana 
Group Hug

^Guest's perv support group

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