Looking back over my life i dont think i ever sinned
I feel like i am very honest and willing to help anybody in need . I have been mugged several times and each time i hand over whatever the big scary guy wants. I have been attacked 3 other times and with each beating i am thankful to jesus for helping me to remain humble. Girls have broken my heart but i just block it out so i dont feel rage and the desire to punish them. So you see guys i have encountered great adversity just like jesus and my reaction is always to remain non violent and allow the bullies to kick the snot out of me because i believe this purifies my soul even more . When i get to heaven the lord will place a bejewelled golden crown on my head and give me a mansion overlooking the lake of fire where my tormentors will be screaming and begging for mercy. Hopefully i can marry miss mo and we can drink slushees , eat ding dongs and hot dogs and watch the big show
Nothing sinful at all about wanting to watch your adversaries flambé. shrug

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